“Altai Region” 9 nights/10 days
Barnaul – Katun River – Chuysky Tract – Canyon of the Chulyshman River – Lake Teletskoye – Barnaul

Altai – the precious pearl of Russia, the land of colossal mountains, great rivers and lakes, authentic traditions and beliefs. UNESCO declared it as Nature World Heritage site.

Itineray in brief

Altai region is famous for its rolling foothills, grasslands, lakes, rivers and mountains. The region’s climate is severe, with long cold dry winters and with hot, usually dry, summers.
The confluence of two important rivers in Altai – Biya and Katun, form the region’s main waterway and one of the largest rivers in Siberia – Ob. The biggest lakes in Altai are Lake Kulundinskoye, Lake Kuchukskoye, and Lake Mikhaylovskoye.
Altai Republic is located in the very center of Asia at the junction of Siberian taiga, the Kazakh steppes and semi-deserts of Mongolia. It is a mountainous terrain with an extremely picturesque landscape, the "Russian Tibet" in the center of Eurasia, where several states, natural zones and cultural worlds meet.
Altai region has abundant amounts of raw materials, especially those used in construction, as well as it has significant mineral reserves. These include nonferrous metals, lead and iron ores, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum, bauxite, and gold. Forests cover about 60,000 km² of the region’s land.
The Altai region is one of the wildest and most interesting parts of southern Russia. It is a varied region with forest, steppes, wild river, lakes, deserts, snow capped mountain and abundant wildlife.
The Altai bees (Apis mellifera) are endurant towards the cold climate of Altai and are renowned for producing some of the world’s finest organic honeys. Historically, the people of Atai used honey as a method of payment to the Russian Tsars.
Altai has cultural and national traditions that may be of interest for such fields of science as archaeology, folklore, linguistics, history and others.
UNESCO has listed such unique natural sites as Lake Teletskoye, Belukha Mountain, Altai and Katun Natural Reserves, as the World Heritage site.

Barnaul – Katun River – Chuysky Tract – Canyon of the Chulyshman River – Lake Teletskoye – Barnaul
Itinerary "Siberian Express", Tour to the landmarks of the Altai Mountains, 10 days / 9 nights

Day 1 - Welcome to Atlai
• AM/PM Arrival at the Barnaul Airport, a short tour of the city. Visit to the State Museum of the history of literature and culture of Altai.
A shuttle bus to the Altai Mountains. A visit to the Museum of V. M. Shukshin. Souvenir market in the Srostki village.
Arrival at the tourist complex "Tursib". Dinner and rest.

Day 2 - Valley of the Katun River
• AM/PM After breakfast you go for rafting down the Katun River or make a hiking to the Che-Chkysh Valley of Spirits (one of the programs for your choice). Picnic.
In the afternoon we go to the village of Chemal.
In the evening - live guitar campfire songs.

Day 3 - The Mysteries of the Sacred Valley
• AM/PM After breakfast travel to Chuysky Tract - the most beautiful mountain highway of Russia.
In the afternoon- transfer to agro-tourist complex "Inegen". Dinner.

Day 4 - In the valley of the snow leopard
• AM/PM In the morning – we ride horses. A small trekking to the mouth of the most inaccessible rivers of Altai - the Argut River. Picnic on the riverbank and fishing.
Return to the touristic complex, dinner and going to the bathhouse.

Day 5 - To the snowy peaks of Altai
• AM/PM Today you are to get acquainted with the most interesting sights of the Chuysky Tract.
In the end of the day we will get into Kurai Steppe, where you could see a breathtaking panorama of the North-Chuisky ridge with the peaks of Aktru and Kurckureck (over 4 thousand meters).
In the evening we arrive to "The Chuysky Alps" camping. Dinner and going to the bathhouse.

Day 6 - Canyon of the Chulyshman River
• AM/PM In the morning will be excursion to the Chui Stepp and visit a unique geological monument in the valley of the Kyzyl-Chin River.
After breakfast we make a long drive to the canyon of the Chulyshman River.
Walking descent from the pass and placing in the camping "Ezen". Dinner. Evening bonfire.

Day 7 - Waterfalls of the valley of Chulyshman
• AM/PM Today we admire the waterfalls of the Chulyshman Valley. Walking tour to Uchar Waterfall (or Kurkure Waterfall).
In the evening - sitting around a traditional bonfire and going to the bathhouse.

Day 8 - Stone Mushrooms and Golden Lake
• AM/PM In the morning we take a walk to the stone mushrooms. These are unusual formations, preserved since the Ice Age reminiscent of giant mushrooms.
Picnic on the lake bank.
Transfer across the entire area of Lake Teletskoye on a motorboat to its northern tip. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Dinner.

Day 9 - Day of rest on the bank of Lake Teletskoye
• AM/PM This day is for silent and leisurely rest in hotel on the bank of the lake.

Day 10 - Farewell to Altai
• AM/PM Early transfer to the airport of Barnaul.

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