C&I Newsletter, January 2018

We wish you a successful start of the year!
Out first issue is devoted to "Venice of the North" - St Petersburg. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703, this beautiful and romantic city of grand palaces, canals, rivers and churches remains in contrast to the rest of Russia. Every corner brings another perfectly proportioned vista its wide boulevards conveying a sense of space. The sheer size and opulence of the palaces and their grounds make them the perfect venue for balls, parties and team games while a mix of music and costumes transports one back to a bygone era.
Please find different exclusive activities for the groups.

Helen Isaeva

Gala Dinner in a Palace of St. Petersburg

Gala Dinner in a Palace of St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg is a magnificent city in Russia, founded by tsar Peter the Great in 1703. Also known as Petrograd (1914–1924) and Leningrad (1924–1991), the city is a historical and cultural center and an important port in the northwest of Russia. For two centuries (1712–1918) it was the capital of the Russian Empire. In 1990 the historic district of St. Petersburg was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Among the variety of possible activities, one of the most fascinating experiences in St. Petersburg is a gala dinner at a historical palace. There are many palaces in the city, but Yusupov Palace is a unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII-XX centuries, one of the most glamorous palaces in Saint Petersburg. An exquisite gala dinner in this place will make you stay unforgettable. Actors dressed in costumes of the epoch will meet and greet guests at the huge entrance doors. A seated dinner can be organized for the guests in one of the most beautiful halls of this palace - the White Column Hall. During the dinner the guests will enjoy classical music performance - piano or violin. Private ballet performance is rranged in the palace theatre. Why not dress up in the costume of the epoch yourself to sink into the atmosphere of the Imperial Russia? Enjoy truly unique experience!

St. Isaac's Cathedral: Visit on a Day-off/Special Opening

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Another exciting option is an exclusive opening of the signature landmark of St. Petersburg on a day off - St. Isaac's Cathedral. On Wednesdays it is closed for the general public, so it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the magnificent interiors in privacy.

Choir performance can be organized as well. Have you ever heard four choirs performing at the same time? Just imagine the sound of combined choir in Cathedral acoustics! This unique experience will make your trip memorable and make you deeply feel the spirit of Russian Orthodox Church.

The Hermitage: Late Opening, a Glass of Champagne, String Quartet Performance

String Quartet Performance
The Hermitage is undoubtedly the largest museum in the world, possessing over 3 million exhibits within its four buildings and attracting millions visitors a year. The exhibitions are diverse with works by Da Vinchy, Raphael, Rembrandt, an impressive collection of impressionists and the largest collection of Titians in existence. The collection is constantly filled up by new exhibits.
Enjoy an opportunity to enter the Hermitage avoiding the crowd. This is possible on a day-off, when the Hermitage can be opened for a group upon request. A late opening of the Hermitage with a cocktail and a string quartet performance at the staircase can also be arranged specially for the group.

Helicopter Ride over the City

Helicopter ride
Enjoy a helicopter ride over the city! It will be a pleasant addition to the visit of the oldest landmark of the city - Peter and Paul's fortress. The landing place is just next to the fortress.
A cocktail can be served nearby.
During the helicopter tour over the city the highlights to be seen are: Peter and Paul's Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Admiralty and Alexander Garden, Palace Square, Spit of the Basil Island, Field of Mars, Smolny Cathedral, Alexandre-Nevsky Laura (Monastery), Cruiser Aurora.