C&I Newsletter, April 2018

Moscow is complex city with 15th century churches sitting next to modern office blocks, narrow crooked lanes and long broad avenues, rich museums and modern department stores and a population of 12 million people. It has an indefinable buzz which permeates through the city 24 hours a day making it both fascinating and exciting. There are innumerable restaurants, a wide range of hotels and a wealth of historically important monuments including of course the magnificent Red Square, ancient Kremlin, variety of art galleries and unique venues like Stalin and Cold war bunkers!
We offer you some ideas of team-buidling avtivities for the groups.

Helen Isaeva

Hockey Event

Hockey Event Amazing sport event is hockey game. In Russia hockey is one the most popular sports, lots of kids play hocky in winter on natural skating-rinks - fozen rivers and lakes. There are a lot of artificail ice skating rinks in most of the cities where you can do that all year round. We can organize your game in most popular destinations such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg or in any city ith ice palace. Recommended number of participants – 20 players.

You wiull have referres. goalkeepers, administrator and 3-4 professional players per tem will join you for the game. those who don't want to play will enjoy their time being fans of any of the team supporting the players. At the end of the game awards/mmedals are granted to the winners! Special video might be recorded for you to memorize the event.

Corporate event `Painty`

Corporate event Painty
Painty` is a new format of art teambuilding that can be arranged in any place you like: restaurant, boat cruise, outside event with fun, jokes and wine. There are two options of the activity. First (VAN) is when everyone paints the same picture (good for individuals and any size groups). Second (GOGH) is when each person from group paints part of one collective picture (several teams, 5-6 pax in each) . Of course you will take with you pictures and pleasant memories. The level of drawing skill doesn`t matter.
We will provide you with all necessary equipment
You also get a present – bag for you picture. (by extra price could be branded with the name of your company)
You can choose in advance which picture you will paint from our catalogue
Our tutors are English-speaking.

Retro car "Volga GAZ-21"

Retro car Volga GAZ-21
GAZ-21 is the first car from the Volga family, a model that has become an unofficial symbol of the Gorky automobile factory for many years.
Volga GAZ-21 starred in many Russian films, from "Beware of the car!" till "Black lightning". President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has such a car in his collection. GAZ-21 was the first personal car of Yuri Gagarin, presented to him after the first flight into space!
Two-tone blue Volga GAZ-21 from third series with the famous deer on the hood is at your disposal! You can book car with driver for any service you need: from transfer to restaurant and back till countryside ride with photo session.