C&I Newsletter, October 2018

No doubt that for any MICE project Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the best options. But If you corporate guests would like something different from what these cities offer we would like to invite you for a 2 -3 day program to Golden ring cities (230 km from Moscow).
Some people would think that it's too boring to spend in Suzdal more than 1 day, but it's of course up to you and what kind of experiences you expect. If you are "big city life" fan, then it's definitely not a place to search for crazy night adventures. But that's what is so magical about Suzdal - keeping its special peaceful atmosphere of ancient Rus'.
It is nice just to walk around, visit the churchesand monasteries, cross the stream on wooden bridges, explore the countryside, breath fresh air.
Here you can buy local traditional food (russian pancakes, home-made honey and pickles), do horse riding, take master-classes of pottery, learn archery and try other Russian traditional activities.

Helen Isaeva

Exclusive Art Hotel "Nikolaevsky Posad" in Suzdal

SuzdalSuzdal is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Russia, possessing more than 50 examples of church and secular architecture dating from the mid-12th to the mid-18th century. During the tour one can’t help getting absorbed in the quietness and tranquility of the town, whose main features are numerous domes of medieval churches and wooden houses of local people.
Art Hotel Nikolaevsky PosadThere are several options for accommodation, but to feel the atmosphere of the medieval Russia we would recommend you staying in Art Hotel "Nikolaevsky Posad", which is located in the center of Suzdal, next to the known monuments of the Russian architecture: Spaso-Evfimievsky, Pokrovsky, Vasilevsky monasteries. With the building of hotel complex “Nikolaevskiy Posad” were considered the traditions of Russian hospitality and contemporary requirements for the service.
Art Hotel Nikolaevsky PosadThe architectural ensemble of complex is the combination of the elements of Russian architecture with the application of the contemporary construction technologies and engineering solutions. All buildings and accomodations of hotel complex “Nikolaevsky Posad” are equipped with the contemporary technical equipment, which corresponds to the highest requirements of the standards of quality and safety. In the hotel «Nikolaevsky Posad» we create and support the quite atmosphere, approximating relative.
Art Hotel Nikolaevsky PosadThe guests of complex have the possibility to use the entire infrastructure of the hotel of located in the heart of Gold ring Russia. In accordance with the project, in the territory of hotel complex “Nikolaevskiy Posad” there are 8 hotel housings (well-organized buildings in style town-house). The acting housing “Vladimir Monomakh” by the pediment of windows leaves to the central street of Suzdal – ul. Lenina (historical name of street – Yaroslavskaya) another part of the windows leaves into the quiet and cosy court.
Art Hotel Nikolaevsky PosadThree restaurants are open to the guests of the tourist complex. Rich in decoration "Kupechesky", sophisticated "Theatrical", a real Russian tavern - tasting hall of traditional Russian viands and beverages “Opokhmelochnaya”. Live music, billiards, delicious treats and mouth-watering raznosoly - all for the pleasure and pleasant rest of the guests.
SuzdalArt-hotel "Nikolaivsky Posad" is located in close proximity to the main sights of the city, which is very convenient if you are on vacation and do not want to spend too much time on the road, and for those who organize tours to Suzdal.

Here it is possible to rest differently: with the spread and boldness on the holidays, with the patriarchal character and the calmness into the working days…

In the evening we offer the group a relaxing experience in Russian banya.

Russian banyaThe guests are sure to enjoy experiencing one of the traditional Russian pass time - visit to banya (Russian sauna – but not dry one – steam bath). Having houses with all modern conveniences, Russians still prefer to build real banyas in the country houses as their ancestors did. It is not only a process of washing and taking a steam bath with traditional switch of green birch tree, but mainly the process of communicating, talking. Private separate banya is rented for the guests. After bath the guests can be treated to massage. Cold water/beer can be served.

"Troika" Ride"

Troika Ride
What associations do you have with Russian winter? Cold, endless snowy expanses, and, of course, Russian folk tales. We will give you a unique opportunity to become the hero of those most colorful fairy tales and feel yourself a little Russian. Dress warmly, because you are going for a ride in a carriage drawn by three horses in one of the most picturesque places in Suzdal. Snow, ringing bells and the rush of travelling at 50 km / h. You will become part of the Russian folk tradition, which originated three centuries ago.

Dinner in a local Russian family

Dinner in a local Russian family We invite our guests to have dinner in a local Russian family.

Coming to Russia, foreigners dream of unraveling the mystery of Russian soul. A visit to a Russian family can help them. Nothing can be more interesting than to see how local people live with your own eyes.Sitting around a hospitable dining table you can taste traditional home-cooked dishes, learn more about local customs, talk heart to heart and ask most interesting questions. Try home-cooked pancakes (blini), handmade dumplings (pel'meni) and other traditional Russian meals. Plunge into Russian culture and enjoy local soft drinks (mors, kvas) or alcohol drinks (vodka, klyukovka - cran-berry liqueur).
Dinner in a local Russian family After the dinner a hospitable hostess will offer you a cup of tea from Russian samovar with local sweets.

Get an unforgettable experience of Russian life!

Different master-classes in Suzdal

Fresco-painting master class
You have a unique opportunity to get into active icon-painting workshop and create a real fresco using natural pigments and ancient technology.
You will learn how to create frescoes using a unique technology of painting over wet plaster (alfresco, stucco).
Master-classes are conducted in a natural environment of an active icon-painting workshop. Your instructors are artists with a great and long experience in teaching fresco- and icon-painting (master-classes, courses, individual instructions) in Russia.
Fresco-painting At the beginning, you will get a review of how to make paints from natural pigments and following ancient recipes. For the attendees, there is a display in a workshop where you can see related materials and tools. Here you can grind minerals and prepare pigments, experiencing what it was to be an icon-painter in Old Russia!
During the entire duration of the class, there is a sense of experimentation because you never know what the final result would look like: pigments on wet plaster change their colors all the time.
At the end, your panel with a fresco is framed and becomes a memorabilia. Create a meaningful gift that you can take home!
Pottery Master Class
Pottery Master Class
During the master class you will learn the basics of pottery: how to properly prepare the clay for work, how to center it on a potter's wheel to create a symmetrical shape. You will see the secrets of creating finished products using one of the oldest crafts.
Together with the master potter, you will complete 1 product using white earthenware or red clay. The lesson includes the modeling of decorative elements: pens or embossed decorations.

Nail-making master class
The nail-making master class is a must-do as long as you bring yourself all the way down to this historical town. Our guide will tell you everything you have to know to be a good blacksmith back then, while you forge your own old-fashion nail. Don't forget to try out the chain mail armour, only real man can handle this weight of time - 27kg in total!