C&I Newsletter, November 2018

Why not to plan next event in Moscow? The world known hotels brands at reasonable prices due to strong euro or doll compared to local currency, great choice of restaurants (some of them - in world's top lists) with English speaking staff, various activities and lots to do! Please find the information on some of them as well as venues for different events.

Helen Isaeva

Special activities for the MICE groups in Moscow

Saint Basil’s cathedral A private visit to the iconic cathedral of St Basil’s on Red Square
Almost fairy-tale like building of St Basil’s cathedral is located right in the Heart of Moscow, on Red Square. It was commissioned in 1552 by Ivan the Terrible to celebrate his conquering of Kazan; legend has it that the architect was later blinded so that he could never repeat such a building that is so traditionally Russian. It is built of brick and comprises many colourful asymmetrical helmet & onion domes situated over nine chapels; the interior is full of 16th and 17th century icons, frescoes and ceiling paintings of subtle blues and pinks.

Divided into smaller groups the guests have a tour of the square, promenade in GUM and visit privately Saint Basil’s cathedral after working hours.
Museum of Cosmonautics New memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, where the real Cosmonauts can guide you around
Located under one of Moscow's most iconic monuments, 'To the Conquerors of Space' a 100m high titanium sculpture gracefully shaped as a rocket taking off, the museum is packed with over 3,500 exhibits. The interiors are fantastically atmospheric and covered with constellations, star clusters and distant universes while the museum itself exhibits the most important Russian and Soviet achievements in space exploration, from the launch of the first artificial satellite and the first manned space flight, to the first moonwalk. You can see and sit inside Space Station Mir, together with a Soyuz Spaceship, a vehicle for research on the surface of the moon, landing apparatus, cosmonauts' space suits (including Gagarin's) and even sample food for the astronauts.
Izmaylovo Visit to Izmailovo (Miracle City/Chudo grad) with a visit to the Vodka Museum with vodka tasting and Matreoshka painting
We offer you the visit to Russian handicraft centre – Izmaylovo, famous for its open air souvenir market. Izmaylovo is one of the oldest part of Moscow, where the second Romanov Tzar Alexey Mikhailovich had his summer residence where his son Peter the Great was brought up. At the present moment the complex occupies the territory of 17 hectares and includes: trade town (with streets of private booth-shops where the clients can see and buy great variety of traditional Russian crafts objects – famous matryoshkas, wood-carving goods, porcelain, glass, birchbark items, Russian Army uniforms, badges, etc.), traditional crafts workshops where once can see the process of creation of handicraft items, “Russian Yard” – a copy of a traditional wooden settlement with wooden churches, houses.
Museum of Cosmonautics At the entrance the guests are met by bread and salt offered by a Russian girl in traditional costume. Enjoy Matryoshka (the famous Russian nestling dolls) doll painting class! The guests are taken to the classes. Applied art college where they attend a lesson of traditional Russian painting of matryoshka doll. The clients get acquainted with the techniques of painting, get the set of paints and a wooden unpainted doll to make an attempt to do the painting themselves and get the painted item as souvenir.
After the painting class the guests may spend time in the market looking for the souvenirs.
Museum of Cosmonautics The options for team building activities are quite diverse: wooden spoon playing or bell ringing master class, specially designed active program “Red Summer”, visit to vodka museum with vodka tasting and many others.

Venues for the Gala dinners

Volkhonka Fine Arts Center (located on the territory of Christ Saviour Cathedral)
Volkhonka Fine Arts Center Fine arts center in Volkhonka street is a place where sophisticated guests can enjoy a casual conversation with a real European classical art. Its unique location in the center of Moscow. 2 000 square meters. They provide the whole complex for rent – there are many different rooms – there is a big hall able to fit 100 – 120 pax and also they can provide smaller rooms for workshops.
Hall “Apple” in Artists Gallery up to 1000 guests
Hall Apple“Artist`s gallery " – one of unique and amazing place .The place is located in 5 minutes walk to the Kremlin in the building of the former mansion of Prince Dolgoryki . The interior is designed by Zurab Tseritelly – well known Russian architect and designer. “Apple of Love” hall is a spacious hall that a day light due to glossy roof. Walls decorated with bas-reliefs contribute to the magnificence of the interior. The composition in the center is 15 meter “apple of love” decorated with biblical scenes . The whole décor of this composition is completed by sculpture of Adam and Eve inside of it.

Seated dinner is arranged in the hall.
Any entertainment program can be designed according to the clients wish – jazz band playing well known European/Russian melodies.
"GUM" hall
GUM hallGUM is the name of the main department store in many cities of the former Soviet Union, known as State Department Store during the Soviet times. With the façade extending for 242 m along the eastern side of Red Square, GUM was built between 1890 and 1893.
GUM is not just a simple store. It is an artistic gallery and a place to organize cultural, political events, exhibitions, etc. Demonstration Hall is situated on the third floor and was renovated in 2007. It is the unique and the only venue in the world with fantastic panoramic view to Red Square. The Hall has a separate entrance via grand staircase from Red Square, made in red Karelian granite. The interior is decorated in a traditional emperor style, in light exquisite colors. Cocktail can be organized in front of Demonstration Hall or even inside of Hall, depending on number of people.
The total area of the Hall is 386 sq. meters.
It is enough to accommodate a banquet with up to 250 guests or a cocktail reception with up to 350 guests.