C&I Newsletter, March 2019

While planning a program or event in Russia be sure to include some activities or master classes. Travel Russia is willing to offer a variety of master-classes which will make your program a memorable one! In this issue we introduce some of them.

Helen Isaeva

Russian Impressionists museum with painting master class

Russian Impressionists museum The Museum of Russian Impressionism opened recently in former Bolshevik chocolate factory presenting its permanent exposition as well as different temporal exhibitions. The first exhibition –retrospective of Arnold Lakhovsky and multimedia installation by contemporary American artist Jean Christophe. The permanent exposition is based on the masterpieces of notable Russian artists from the personal collection of its founder Boris Mints. It consists of more than 70 artworks of prominent Russian artists such as: Konstantin Korovin, Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Petr Konchalovsky, Yuri Pimenov, as well as selected works by Boris Kustodiev and Valentin Serov.
Russian Impressionists museum The work done by the team of the museum in the past two years has been recognized by the international art community and it was included as a member of the prestigious International Councils of Museums (ICOM).
Master class of painting can be done on the grounds of the museum - led by the artist Ksenia Gavrilova - design your own still life or landscape.

Meeting with Artist

Water Colour Painting A rare opportunity to visit the artist’s studio and see the world of art nside. The meeting will take place at the artist’s studio, in the central part of Moscow, near Mayakovskaya metro station. During the reception the painter will speak about her art, demonstrate her works and perform a brief master class. The duration of the whole activity is 1 hour. Lyubov Lesokhina is currently a teaching artist at Moscow State Specialized School of Water Colour Painting named after S. Andriyaki. She is well known in the city due to participation in many exhibitions in Russia, Great Britain and Europe.

Cooking Master class

Cooking Master class Welcome to the Culinary Studio of Yulia Vysotskaya which is the first studio in Moscow where each learner can have a fully equipped place. Here each guest can discover the amazing world of gastronomy and culinary art, meet like-minded people, exchange cooking experience, find new friends, have a good time and of course to learn how to cook tasty dishes as good as Yulia Vysotskaya does! We are sure that everyone possesses a cooking talent, you just need to start cooking!

Water Colour Painting

Water Colour Painting Master-class is an amazing performance when a unique water colour work is being created. During the work a painter comments each action revealing the secrets of water colour technique. These master-classes are performed by leading academicians of Sergey Andriaka Water Colour School and each of them is an independent painter. Their works are exhibited in famous art galleries in Moscow, regions of Russia and other countries as well as are parts of museum and private collections.

Matreshka Painting

Water Colour Painting When we ask foreigners about their assumptions about Russia they usually name the same things: Matreshka doll, Balalaika, Orthodox churches with onion-like domes... Well, it is impossible to learn to play balalaika in a couple of hours, but one can paint a Matreshka and keep it as a unique memory of the trip to Russia. That's why we offer our guests an experience of Matreshka painting in an old Russian town of Sergiev Posad. What really wins guests hearts in this master class is that there is a chance to have an informal conversation among each other and with a painter in a private museum. Tourists gain new experience as well as practice their existing creative skills.
Water Colour Painting During this master-class guests will paint a traditional Russian Matreshka doll under painter's supervision.
Guests will take their masterpieces home with them as a memorable hand-made souvenir of Sergiev Posad.
Also, guests can purchase designer's and manufactured Bogorodsk toys and other folk craft items.