C&I Newsletter, July 2019

Today we would like to introduce a city of Kazan to you - which very often is mixed up by foreigners with a separate country - Kazakhstan (former republic of USSR). Kazan in fact is a capital of Tatarstan region which is part of the Russian Federation. The city has gained its fame not only due to its history but as a place where traditionally different religions have been coexisting very peacefully.
Please find the information on different programs in the region as well as our latest Project for Private Jet Group from USA - please see the sample program below.

Helen Isaeva

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan

Kazan Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Russia, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities.
The old Kazan is the center of the city. There are beautiful buildings raised in different architectural styles. Mansions in the style of modernism coexist with the Baroque monuments. You can feel the aura of antiquity spell from ancient white walls of the Kazan Kremlin wherefrom a superb view on the river opens. Imagination is boggled by the red bell tower of Bogoyavlenskaya church at the pedestrian Bauman street beloved by tourists.
Kazan Kazan easily combines the culture and traditions of the East and the West: next to the finely cut minaret towers there are old Orthodox churches. A prevailing feature of life in the city is peaceful, creative coexistence of different religions and nationalities.

The main attractions of the city and one day tours from Kazan

KazanTour “1000 year of Kazan”
In the morning have a tour “1000 year of Kazan” (the city celebrated the millenium in 2005) visiting Down City – Old tatar Sloboda, Mardjani’s mosque, Lake Kaban and “Tugan Avilum” (Native village).
See peter and Paul Cathedral built in the 18th century in the memory of the visit of Peter the great to the city. See the modern structures – Square of freedom, Town hall, Parl of the 100th anniversary of Kazan.
Kazan Lunch will be in the city restaurnat with master class “secrets of Tatar cuisine” when you try to cook the traditional dishes yourself.
In the afternoon visit the UNESCO heritage site – Kremlin with Suymbike falling Tower, Annunciation cathedral, Governor palace. See the legendary mosque “Kuhl Sharif” built accordsing to the archival data as symbol of the Renaissance of the nation. Walk down the Promolnaya street – the street of 4 centuries.
Before ending the tour we invite you to Tatspirtrpom brand store for vodka and wine tasting. Dinner in Marriott hotel restaurant with Kremlin view and music band performance.
KazanMaster class “Secrets of Tatar cuisine”
Lunch with a master class "SECRETS OF TATAR CUISINE" when the Chef shows and tells (with a guide) how to cook some dishes (Echpochmak triangle, sweetness Tatly from pastila and Tokmach - noodles soup at home). During the show time Chef offers to one or two tourists to try to help him to cook something (cut noodles, wrap a triangle, etc.) and answer the questions and continue the lunch. Guests taste the triangle and Tokmach soup and tatly with tea.
Kazan Interactive lunch BIK TEMLET", when everyone put on the board, rolling pins and everything necessary for self-cooking (as well as triangles, noodles) and cook everything together with the Chef. Everyone eating what he cooked by himself. This event has much fun! There is still a tasting dinner when different Tatar dishes are prepared and tourists try them all. After the master class, we give guests a book with recipes and a description of the main popular Tatar dishes.

SviyazhskThe city Island of Sviyazhsk
We invite you for a visit to the city island Sviyazhsk by boat. The history of the city began in 1551 when Tzar Ivan the Terrible decided to build a wooden fortress on the island. It took then 4 weeks only – Sviyazhsk becam a bse supporting Russin troops in the war against Kazan Khanate. The island has unique historic and architectural monuments – Assumption monastery, John the Baptist monastery.
BBQ dinner wil be aranged on the shore of the lake. After dinner we invite you to discover the beuaty of Night kazan with its multiple lights and colours.

4 days / 3 nights program in Kazan for the Group of 55 guests from United States of America

Kazan In July Travel Russia had a privilege to do a very interesting and challenging project for 55 guests private jet group.
  • Day 1
    Arrival into Kazan international Airport by private jet
    Arrival at the hotel with a short tour en route/separate luggage transfer
    Dinner in the authentic "Tatar Usadba" with traditional folklore show
  • Day 2
    Tour of the city – “1000 year Kazan”
    Lunch in Local restaurant with master class “Secrets of Tatar cuisine”
    Kazan kremlin – UNESCO iheritage sight
    “Kazan Arbat” – walking tour
    Vodka and wine stating at Tatspirtprom brand store
    Dinner in Rooftop restaurant with Kremlin view and music
  • Day 3
    Tour to the town- island Sviyazhsk by private boat along the Volga river
    Lunch in city restaurant
    PM free
    Relaxing dinner in BBQ restaurant at the lake.
    Late Eve “Kazan Lights at Night”
  • Day 4
    AM transfer to the airport