C&I Newsletter, January 2016

We hope you have enjoyed your festive season! We wish you a very successful and interesting year! Please find the update on Russia. I would like to remind you that our capital Moscow is located within 2-3 hour flight from major European cities and less than 5 hour flihgt from Dubai. The local currency is still very weak and one can enjoy 5* luxury at 3* prices now - so use the chance to bring your incentive or conference to Russia at very attractive rates!

Helen Isaeva

Incentives in Russia

In the former times Russia was a quite popular destination for conferences and incentives.
Due to the obvious reasons the interest went low for corporate trips to Russia during the last couple of years. Now "ice started melting" and we are ready to welcome incentive groups again!

At our new website you can find a brief presentation of a recent incentive group itinerary: http://www.travelrussia.net/images/pdffolder/GGS_Business_Group.pdf

There are many possibilities for incentive programs in Russia, including professional team building activities, master-classes, lectures and of course entertainment.
There is one important fact for taking into account: the significant drop of the local currency can guarantee that the corporate trip will be cost effective.

Incentives in Russia
Incentives in Russia
Magnificent Saint Petersburg. Marble Palace
Magnificent Saint Petersburg. Yusupov Palace 
The Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow 5*
Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow 5*

Magnificent Saint Petersburg

Probably the most popular city for visiting in Russia is Saint Petersburg - the former capital of the Russian Empire (1712-1918). It is famous for its palaces, canals and white night season, when the night is almost as light as the day. Having a gala dinner at a palace always turns into an unforgettable experience.

Marble Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in the city.
The palace is ituated on the embankment of the Neva river, built in 1768-1785 for Catherine the Great's lover, Grigory Orlov. It is now a branch of the Russian museum, and houses a small but wonderful art collection. The Marble Hall where a gala dinner may be organized has a fantastic interior - many decorative elements are faced with marble of 32 kinds, the shades are chosen with extreme precision and delicacy. Delicious dinner may be accompanied by a concert of classical music/jazz or folklore/gypsy performance.

Yusupov Palace is another incredibly interesting and beautifully preserved palace. Builtin the 1740s and then bought by Empress Catherine the Great for one of her ladies in waiting, it was eventually purchased by Prince Nikolai Yusupov in 1830. Subsequently it was here that Prince Felix Yusupov planned and carried out the murder of Rasputin. All the rooms are beautifully restored and full of art, while the highlight must surely be the exquisite private theatre, where such renowned artists as Anna Pavlova and Shaliapin have performed. Gala dinner may be held in the magnificent white columned Banquet Hall.

Grand Duke Vladimir Palace occupies a special place among palaces in St. Petersburg. Located in the very heart of the city in the neighborhood of the Winter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress, the palace represents a perfect example of the "historical" style. Vladimir palace was built in the 1867-1874 by Russian architect A. Rezanov. In the unique atmosphere of the Grand Duke Vladimir's Palace among the exquisite interiors, which have never been restored and yet preserved their magnificence and splendor, here you can breath History. This is one of the hidden gems of the city, with a breathtakingly beautiful staircase, and wonderful views of the river. The wife of Vladimir Alexandrovich, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, made this a centre of court life during the last years of the Romanov era, especially after the Empress withdrew more and more from court society. Several members of the Romanov family met here secretly in December 1916 and drafted a letter of warning to Nicholas II.

Moscow Hotels

Needless to say again that due to the currency fluctuations the best hotels in Moscow offer outstandingly low rates. Some hotels are ready to astonish guests with changes and upgrades.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow 5*
Award-winning O2 Lounge, the signature rooftop restaurant and bar located atop The Ritz-Carlton, has undergone a spectacular redesign. Presenting unrivalled views over Red Square and the Kremlin, the refurbished O2 offers gourmet Peruvian cuisine, the finest caviar, seafood and sushi, and sophisticated house-mixed cocktails in a stylish new setting. Contemporary colors, custom-made furnishings and refined new lighting designs highlights the re-imagined venue, which offesr a glamorous, relaxed yet exclusive opportunity for exceptional dining and social experiences in the heart of Moscow.

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow 5*
Signature Library Room is located on the top floor of the Baltschug Kempinski and has an open balcony offering breathtaking views of the Kremlin and Red Square. It remains one of the most exquisite places for gala dinners and selebrations. Probably it offers the best panoramic view at the Red Square available in the city.