LEISURE Newsletter, January 2018

We wish you a successful start of the year! St Petersburg is known by its canals and rivers and world-famous sites like Hermitage, St Isaac's, Catherine palace and many other. We offer you the information on some new and "off-the beaten track" museums.

Helen Isaeva

The Biggest Railway Museum in Europe has been opened in St. Petersburg

Railway Museum in St. Petersburg At the end of October 2017 the new Railway Museum was opened in the territory of an old depot of the Baltiysky Railway Station.

The museum complex is spread over a vast area. It has two buildings — an old locomotive depot building and an eye-catching modern building. The buildings are connected with a suspension bridge to make a single structure. Museum tours include visiting a collection of rare and legendary steam trains, locomotives, electric locomotives, railcars and other rolling stock. Historical artifacts are exhibited next to current operating models, interactive installations and temporary exhibition halls, building an unusual and engaging museum space. In the nearest future the museum may become an inviting amusement park and a favorite attraction for the whole family.

Off the Beaten Track: Mikhail Anikushin Sculpture Workshop

Mikhail Anikushin Sculpture Workshop Mikhail Anikushin is a famous sculpturer of the XX century. In 2013 an unusual creative workshop was opened. Located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, this workshop now is not only a memorial museum but also a contemporary art center for learning and creating. The main exposition is dedicated to the creation of the monumental sculpture. Here you can see the procedure from the inside: from pencil sketch to bronze casting. The variety of interactive excursions and workshops with professionals will bring you into the creative environment. Curious spectators may touch exhibit items, which is allowed at this museum. Anikushin Workshop is an exhibition area as well. Temporary exhibitions of sculpture, paintings and architecture of St. Petersburg are often carried out there.

Museum of the History of Photography

Museum of the History of Photography Situated on the Petrograd Side of St. Petersburg, the Museum of the History of Photography provides a comprehensive overview of photography as a technology and art form. The two large halls that make up the permanent exhibition trace the development of photography from the earliest daguerreotypes to the end of the XXth century. Exhibits include a wide range of antique cameras and developing equipment, as well as historic images illustrating each stage of innovation. The museum's galleries are used to house often fascinating temporary exhibitions featuring photographers from throughout the world (and from the past), with the emphasis mostly on the technical and socio-documentary aspects of photography.