LEISURE Newsletter, April 2018

This issue is devoted to North of Russia - Karelia - region with picturesque scenery, forests, rivers, lakes and interesting culture and history of local people.

Helen Isaeva


Karelia The Republic of Karelia is located in the north-west of Russia. The length of the territory from north to south reaches 660 km and it is populated by 627 000 inhabitants. Did you know that Karelia could contain four countries like Denmark or Netherlands? Provided the fact that it has such a vast territory, the republic has much to offer to the tourists as well.
Karelia is in the list of most visited places of Russia in the field of international tourism. The amount of tourists goes up to 800 thousand tourists in 2017. In the Republic of Karelia there are excellent opportunities for executing various types of tourism such as relaxation in cottages and camp sites, fishing and hunting, treatment in sanatoriums during the summer and winter seasons, outdoor activities, rafting and kayaking. Karelia has the potential to please every customer segment from extreme and adventure lovers to connoisseurs of beauty in general. There are more than four thousand cultural, historical and natural monuments and objects. Among those are Kizhi (ensemble of the Kizhi churchyard is included in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO), Valaam and Solovetsky Islands. They are the national treasure of Russia.

For our guests we can offer a speed train " Lastochka" from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk, capital of the region. Karelia program well combines with any of the tours to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

For the sample itineraries please to see the web site:

The Ruskeala Symphony

The Ruskeala Symphony Ruskeala Mountain Park is one of the most picturesque and most popular places to visit in the North Ladoga region in the Republic of Karelia. It is known for the breathtaking views and fabulous spirit hovering in the fresh air of the marble canyon since 2005. What can be even more appealing than combining this fairytale and the enchanting sounds of Italian opera? This perfect match of Russian and Italian masterpieces is called Ruskeala Symphony.
The Ruskeala Symphony is an innovative event, first held in the world-famous Ruskeala in the end of August 2017. The artistic program of the festival was prepared by the Karelian State Philharmonic Organization and one of its collectives – the symphony orchestra, the implicit cultural brand of the republic. For the very first time Italian opera music – Vivaldi, Verdi, Rossini, Mascagni, Puccini and Neapolitan songs were heard by thousands of beauty lovers in the grand scenery of the marble canyon. On top of that, the actual creators of the event were the baritone from the Bolshoi Theater Nikolay Efremov, the “golden tenor of Russia” Evgeny Yuzhin, finalist of the All-Russian Open Contest “Blue Bird, countertenor Timur Slanov and the stars of the Musical Theater of Karelia – soprano Anastasia Averina and bass Vadim Mokin. Musicians and guests had an amazing opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere in the open air in the park part called the Italian Quarry. The colorful firework over the canyon was like cherry on the top, the most pleasant way to finish a soulful event! The opera evening had a huge success among Russian citizens, but also gave a warm welcome to international guests of Karelia. The amount of visitors was estimated to be around three thousand, which is a great sign for the further development of art events in the region.

Solovki Grand Tour

SolovkiWe are pleased to offer you a joint /fixed departure tour scheduled for August 10-12, 2018 to travel in a small group. Alternatively we will be pleased to design a private tour for your guests only for any dates during the season. Please find the sample itinerary below.

Day 1:
Arrival at Kem. Meeting with the guide.
Transfer to the railway station.
Departure for Solovky by slow boat.
Transfer to the hotel. Lunch. Accommodation.
Excursion around the Monastery complex. You will listen to the history of the legendary Solovetsky Monastery that once was one of the richest monasteries of Russia, visit its functioning church, and go along its thick fortress walls that no enemy could overcome.
Dinner at the hotel.

Solovki Day 2:
Today you will visit the highest point of Big Solovetsky Island, Hill Sekirnaya. On the top of the hill is situated one of the strictest sketes of the island with a unique lighthouse church. During the GULAG time the skete was one of the cruelest of all the detention places for the inmates of the camp. Today it is a living skete again; a very tranquil place that offers a fantastic panorama view over the island. Lunch after the end of the excursion.

Day 3:
Excursion to the exposition devoted to the history of the Solovetsky Labor Camp (GULAG) Lunch.
Free time on Big Solovetsky Island.
Transfer to Kem by slow boat.
Dinner. Transfer to the railway station.
Departure for St. Petersburg.