Travel Russia News July 2019

Adventure tours in Russia are a great way to get unforgettable experience in hard-to-reach areas – not only do they offer a unique insight into a city or region, they are also a fantastic way to get insider knowledge. Discover Russia’s diverse wild beautiful and remote places with our selection of the most adventurous tours.

Helen Isaeva

Adventure travelling to Russia

  • Amazing Kamchatka Region
Our planet is alive - you can see how it breathes, to feel her pulse, feel the warmth of her heart... The most exotic place of Russia, preserved virgin wild nature called Kamchatka. It is a magic name, tempting and heating your imagination.

Kamchatka Volcanoes, hot springs and geysers of this land are regarded as unique nature-geographical phenomenon. Combination of such unique phenomena, surrounding relief and vegetation creates inimitable natural landscapes!

The cultures of ancient peoples, skiing from the tops of volcanoes, sea diving, rafting, marvelous views of the Valley of Geysers, kilometers of untouched tundra and, of course, the best hunting and fishing in the world.

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Baikal Lake
  • Misterious Siberia Region & The Great Baikal Lake
Siberia is a vast area lying to the east of the Urals shrouded in myth and mystery. While to the foreigner it conjures visions of salt mines, snow and freezing temperatures, the reality could not be further from the myth.
Siberia While it is cold in winter with temperatures plummeting to absurd levels, the remaining seasons transform this area into one of the most beautiful one could imagine. Late spring - early summer brings a profusion of wild flowers which literally carpet every valley while the temperatures climb into the 20s and 30s. The lush grass provides food for a variety of deer while bear and wolves inhabit the remoter regions. Autumn turns the trees to amber and the undergrowth to red which is spectacularly beautiful.
Baikal LakeAlthough there are many regions to choose from, one of our favourites is the Irkutsk region, one of the largest and most interesting in the whole Russia. A country in itself, three quarters is covered by taiga (forest) while in the south the Sayan mountains rise to 3,000m. Besides Russians, the Irkutsk region is populated by many indigenous groups such as the Buryats, Evenks and Yakuts. The dignity and hospitality of the local people, the remarkably clean air, the emptiness of the valleys and its mysterious spaciousness attract people from all over the world. It is a fascinating voyage of discovery.

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  • North of Russia: Karelia
Karelia is in the list of most visited places of Russia in the field of international tourism. In the Republic of Karelia there are excellent opportunities for executing various types of tourism such as relaxation in cottages and camp sites, fishing and hunting, treatment in sanatoriums during the summer and winter seasons, outdoor activities, rafting and kayaking.

Karelia Karelia has the potential to please every customer segment from extreme and adventure lovers to connoisseurs of beauty in general. There are more than four thousand cultural, historical and natural monuments and objects. Among those are Kizhi (ensemble of the Kizhi churchyard is included in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO), the remote Valaam and Solovetsky Islands. They are the national treasure of Russia and each visit here is memorable not only for foreign guests but locals as well.

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