Travel Russia News February 2020

The low season is almost over and we are looking forward to the new tourist season of 2020! Hope that in spite of all world's problems people continue to travel and the number of of travellers will be increasing - like in Moscow that hosted more than 19 mln guests last year!

Helen Isaeva

Moscow won a tourist Oscar at the World Travel Awards 2019

Tourist Oscar Last year the capital of Russia was already visited by 19.5 million tourists.
Moscow received the World Travel Awards in the nomination “Best Travel Destination.
Town ". The largest cities of the world were represented here: London, New York, Lisbon, Paris, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and others.
The World Travel Awards are recognized in three main categories: “The Best Destination for Festivals and Events in the World”, “The Best Destination for Sports Tourism” and “The Best Travel Destination in the World”. City ”(Leading city of the world).
The organizers of the award also claimed two categories: “The best direction in the field of business tourism” and “The best cultural direction. City ”(Leading world cultural city). The World Travel Awards was established in 1993. It is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the field of tourism. The prize is also called a tourist Oscar.
Awarding of the winners of the World Travel Awards took place on November 28 in the super final, which was held in the city of Muscat (Oman). In 2019, the prize was awarded in more than 80 categories: resorts and attractions, the best hotels, airlines, as well as the most attractive cities. In 2019, more than a thousand participants were announced. This year the grand finals of the World Travel Awards will be held for the first time in Moscow.

Moscow cableway in Luzhniki

Cableway in Luzhniki The Moscow cableway installed a photo zone on the observation deck on the Sparrow Hills . Everyone will be able to take pictures with family and friends in the symbolic cabin of the cable car against the background of the most famous panorama of the capital.
The first cableway across the Moscow River appeared in November 2018 and in a short time became a new landmark of the city. Thanks to modern technical equipment, it can work all year in almost any weather. A breathtaking panorama opens to the iconic places of Moscow from the cabin with 360 degrees view.
The cableway has 35 closed cabins, each is designed for eight people. The cabins are equipped with media screens, an audio guide in 4 languages (English, Chinese, German, Russian), LED lighting, hooks for bicycles, skis and snowboards.
There are three stations on the 720-meter route: Vorobyovy Gory (upper), Novaya Liga and Luzhniki (lower).

The highest chocolate factory in the world

Highest chocolate factory
Ready for the record? Then meet the tallest chocolate factory in the world at the highest observation deck in Europe on the 89th floor! "PANORAMA360" launched the production of the most popular dessert in the world - chocolate.
The new record holder was officially registered in the Russian Book of Records on July 02, 2019. The ceremony of registering a new world record and grand opening of the highest chocolate factory took place on the observation deck PANORAMA360.

Highest chocolate factory With a result of 327 meters, it officially received the status of "The highest chocolate production in the world above ground level."
The observation deck PANORAMA360 is a paradise for all lovers of sweets. At an altitude of 327 meters, the world's highest ice cream factory “Clean Line” operates, which produces more than 6,000,000 wafer cups annually.
Highest chocolate factory Visitors to the observation deck PANORAMA360 can observe the full cycle of chocolate production: from crushing cocoa beans to molding finished products. As in the ice cream factory visitors are offered to taste freshly made milk chocolate.
Chocolate at the factory PANORAMA360 is produced according to a special Italian recipe, in which it is proportionally combined: 33% of cocoa beans, 33% butter, 33% sugar and milk.