Travel Russia News July 2020

We are happy to say the life is almost back to normal way! The number of cases have decreased considerbaly especially in Moscow. Restaurants, parks, shops are open. Museums are starting reopening in July. 14 day quarantine is no longer a must for those who arrive in the the country - however the medical statement of Covid absence is required. We all are waiting for the decision to open the borders finally and negotiations are being held currently with a number of countries to restart the air connection and we are looking forward to welcoming the foreign guests in Russia!

Helen Isaeva

News from Saint Petersburg

Peterhoff The northern capital of Russia recoves from the quarantine. Parks are open including the ones in the countryside - Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Peterhoff. World's biggest museum Hermitage reopened today. The visitors though are to follow a certain routing inside the museum. Peter and Paul's fortress has also opened the doors to the visitors as well as Faberge museum. The following museums will start operating soon - Yussupov palace - July 17, St Isaac's - July 19, Church on Spilled blood - July 24. It should be mentioned however that tickets are bought on line and the visits to all museums are scheduled and one should follow a certain routing. The numbers of visitors per hour are limited. So all neccessary safety requirements are observed.
Navigation began in the city from July and you can see the "Northern Venice" now during private canal boat ride. Hydrofoils fo/from Peterhoff are also operating.
After quarntine regime was over the number of marriages have increased considerably in the city - reopened Marriage Registration palaces give about 200 marriage certificates daily!
6 unique and rare birds had been saved by the locals recently , had undergon medical treatment and were released successfully recently. All of them are included into the Red Book (special list of the unique rare animals/plants/birds that are under protection of the state).

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While the life of locals is very close to the pre-pandemic time, we all are looking forward to the news re borders opening and our chance to travel abroad and to welcome the first guests here!
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Karelia region - 100 years in Russia

One of the most picturesques regions of Russia the Republic of Karelia celebrates 100th anniversary this year. The land of 60 000 lakes including the biggest ones in Europe - Lagoda and Onega - and 27 000 riveris is situated in the north-western part of Russia. Petrozavodsk, with its population of 280 000 people, the capital of the republic, was founded in 1703 according to the order of Peter the Great. The city can be reached by overnight train from Moscow and fast days train from St Petersburg.

The most famous island of Karelia is Kizhi, an open-air museum, the gem of Russian wooden architecture. Churches, chapels, peasant's houses and mills are brought there from many places of Karelia.

One of the most beautiful islands of northern Ladoga is Valaam. The first information about Valaam monastery dates back to 1329. Beautiful nature, original architecture and interesting history of the formation of the monastery attract tourists in thousands.
On the Onega bay of the White Sea 150 km from the Polar Circle there is one more beautiful place — the Solovetsky archipelago. It consists of 6 major and many smaller islands. 1436 is considered to be the date of its foundation, the architectural ensemble has been formed by the end of the 17th century. In 1967 a museum preserve was created, containing about 170 monuments of archeology, history and architecture.

The activities and duration of the trips are quite diverse - from 2 days extension to St Petersburg program to full 7-9 days program in the region. Apart from sightseeing one can enjoy trekking, rafting, fishing in summer time as well as skiing, huski dog sledging in winter time.
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