Travel Russia News August 2020

Russia has started opening its borders - from August 01 - with UK, Turkey. No quarntine is required on arrial although reference on COVID absence is to be submitted at the border. Negotiations are being held with a number of European countries to launch the flights and reopen the borders in nearest future. Majority of theatres and cinema houses have restarted their activity in Moscow and St Petersburg. This issue is devoted to some of the memorable dates in our county's life.

Helen Isaeva

VIth International Tchaykovsky festival - 180th anniversary of composer's birth

Tchaykovsky festivalThis year Russia celebrates 180th anniversary of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaykovsky" birth. The music festival named after the great composer is held in Klin - on the grounds of his country estate-museum located 100 km from Moscow. In Klin Tchaykovsky created his world famous works - "Iolanta" opera, "Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty" ballets.

During the festival which is held for the 6th time, this year all the performances for the first time are held in open air format. Special place for 600 guests is designed on the lawn of the estate and there is one more stage in Moscow region where the concerts are arranged. The festival joined recently the International association of art festivals.

Russian museum celebrates 125th anniversary - Mikhaylovsky palace interesting facts

One of the biggest collections of Russian art in the country - Russian museum in Saint Petersburg celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. We would like to tell you a few interesting facts on the building of Mikhaylovsky palace that houses this collection.

The palace was a gift of Alexander I to Great Prince Michael - hence the name of it. The expenses on the palace construction were pretty high - 7,8 mln roubles. In those days sable coat price was 70 kopecks (1 rouble - 100 kopecks). In the 19th century the palace was the centre of cultural and social of Saint Petersburg. Great balls and parties were held here by Prince Michael and his wife Elena.

In 1865 student Peter Tchaykovsky gave his first concert in the palace. Many famous foreign musicians performed here - Richard Wagner among them. Hector Berlioz stayed in Mikhaylovsky palace during his performances in 1867. After the first owners daughter's death the palace was inherited by the grandchildren of Prince Michael who were German citizens and the then Emperor Alexander III bought out the palace for the state. The decision was made to open the collection of Russian art here.
The musuem now has one of the finest colections of Russian icons (more tham 5000) as well as great samples of Russian art of the 18th-early 20th centuries. If you come in St Petersburg only or don't visit Tretyakov gallery in Moscow - we would certainly recommend to see the collection while you are in Russia.

45 year anniversary of the first Soviet and US spaceships space link/Test Project - "Soyuz - Appolo"

In July 1975 the unique space link of Soviet spaceship "Soyuz 19" and American "Appolo" took place for the first time in the world. The Agreement on cooperation in space research for peaceful purposes was signed in 1972 by Richard Nikson and Alexey Kosygyn (Prime Minister) during the US President's visit to Soviet Union. The spacelink/Test Project went successfully and the spaceships were together in space for 43 hours 52 min. From Soviet side cosmonauts Alexey Leonov and Valery Kubasov and from US side - astronauts Thomas Stafford, Donald Slayton and Vance Brand participated in the Test Project.

This event marked the beginning of the new era of the international cooperation of different countries in space research and joint expeditions.
We would like to remind you about the possibility to visit Cosmonautics museum in Moscow as well as the legendary Star City - Cosmonaut traning centre named by first comonaut of the world Yuri Gagarin where all Russian cosmonauts as well as international crews for joint missions are trained. The secured place (in advance booking in required) is located 26 km from Moscow and you can allow half or full day for this visit. One can see Centrifuge machine, Hydro-laboratory, Pavillions where ISC, spaceships Soyuz are dispalyed. To make your visiit special we can arrange meeting with one of the cosmonauts (some of them have exit into open space experience!), you may undergo training as well and special gift awaits you - genuine "space lunch" - exactly the same as astronauts have during mission!