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We all hope this year will bring us positive changes in world tourism! Mass vaccination has started in Russia and everyone can apply for free vaccine in state clinic. 1 mln people have already got the vaccine. The infected people numbers have lowered by 25% after New year holidays. Safety protocols are being implemented. Russian people are actively travelling within the country and to some countires abroad and we all hope for borders opening for foregn visitors to Russia this year

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MICHELIN Guide in MoscowWe are happy to say the MICHELIN Guide has announced its arrival in Moscow and will unveil its first selection in 2021. The Guide's inspectors have been impressed by the variety of Russia's culinary heritage and the commitment of its chefs to offering authentic cuisine built around exceptional local products
Tatiana's DayOn January 25 Russia celebrates traditionally Tatiana's Day that has become Students Day. In 1755 Empress Elizabeth singed decree on Moscow University foundation. It coincided with Christian martyr Tatiana's day celbrated by the Church. First it was Moscow University birthday, then Moscow univerisy student holiday but soon became all Russia stuidents Day. Also all ladies by the name of Tatiana (irrespective of age) get greetings from everybody on that day.

HermitageHermitage has opened the doors for the visitors after winter vacations. One can buy the tickets on-line. The numbers of the visitors daily are restricted. The numbers of the people in a group are limited to 5 guests.

Yussupov family porcelain exhibition in Archangelskoye

Porcelain in Archangelskoye
While Moscow museums are still closed for visitors the suburbs of the city have started opening their doors for the guests.
Archangelskoye estate that belonged to the famous Yussupov family prior 1917 presents the Exhibition of the Yussupov's porcelain collected by the five generations of the family.

Archangelskoye425 items exhibited include Qing dynasty period vases, Meissen miniature cups, decorative statues, refined tea sets. The exhibition is dedicated to the 270s birth anniversary of Nicholas Yussupov - owner of the estate. The exhibition was being prepared during 2 years and its opening was delayed due to pandemic. Apart from Archangelskoye collection other museums - Kuskovo, Hermitage and Russian museum- contributed to the exhibition.

One of the biggest estates-musems in the country Archangelskoye is located 30 km from Moscow - 50-60 min drive.