Travel Russia News April 2021

Two travel shows -MITT in March and Intourmarket in early April - were held off-line in Moscow and showed great interest of guests to travel broad as well as within the country. Russia has opened borders with 6 more countries including Germany from April 1- totally with 27 at the moment.

Helen Isaeva

April news

Yuri Gagarin 60 years ago on April 12, 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space, making 108-minute orbital flight in his Vostok 1 spacecraft. He was chosen from over 3,000 fighter pilots in the country. His famous phrase "Let's go!" at the start of the flight is known to everybody in Russia and his unforgettable smile brought him love and glory of millions of people in the world.
The fountains of Peterhoff The fountains of Peterhoff will start operating on April 24 this year. This popular place of visit - outside the city former royal residence - was desinged by order of Peter the Geat 300 years ago and has one of the biggest fountain network in the world counting for 147 different fountains and 3 cascade ponds. The annual ceremony of opening will be scheduled for mid May depending on the weather - with music performances, firework.

Kazansky station Moscow if the biggest transport hub in the country and has 9 railway stations. The buildings of most of them were designed in late 19th/early 20th centuries by the famous Russian architects and are historic and art monuments. 2 of Moscow stations got in the list of 10 best Europe stations made by international Consumer Choice Center. Kursky station got the 6th place and Kazansky - the 4th palce sharing it with Central station in Amsterdam.

Karelia - the land of tranquility

Kivach waterfallsKarelia stretches from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of Finland. It contains the two largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega and is famous for its rivers, natural resorts and parks.

Please see our 12 day itinerary covering the most interesting and beautiful places of Russian North
St. Petersburg - Petrozavodsk - Kizhi - Sortavala - Valaam - Medvezhyegorsk - Solovki - St.Petersburg
12 days/11 nights
KizhiStart your 12 Days tour from Northern Venice – Saint Petersburg. During your stay here enjoy the main sights of the city such as Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St Isaac Cathedral, Church on Spilled Blood.

Solovki IslandsThen you will move further to Northern part of Russia called Karelia. You’ll visit here Kizhi Island with unique wooden architecture. Get acquainted with Karelian culture – take part in master class in the Karelian culture centre, visit ancient village Kenerma which still keeps up old traditions and customs. Enjoy the beautiful northern nature visiting Kivach reserve and taking boat ride on lakes and rivers system of Solovki Islands.