Travel Russia News October 2021

This issue is devoted to Saint Petersburg that once agian proved that it is one of the best cities in the world. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg remains one of the most romantic cities in Russia. Among the many poetical names applied to St. Petersburg the most common are “Northern Venice” and “Northern Palmyra”. The fascinating palaces and cathedrals, beautiful bridges over Venice-like canals, spacious squares and wide streets decorated with edifices of flourished baroque and impressive classical styles, monumental sculpture and lacy iron grilles and, of course, the special spirituality of this city infects everyone who visits it. In 1991 the city was placed on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

Helen Isaeva

Saint Petersburg is the 17th in the list of 100 world's best cities, Shadow museum, trams in the city

By the results of the 2021 Saint Petersurg occupied the 17th place in the World's Top 100 cities. It also has won the 1st -leading place - by the number of higher educational institutions, the 2nd one - by the number of museums. In the history of this contest the city raised from 56th and 35th places to the current one.

The city is famous for its trams. First trams appreared in the streets of Saint Petersburg in 1907. Now the tram system consists of 7 tram parks, 771 transport facilities units going by 40 routes. It is the biggest in Russia and the 4th biggest tram system in the world. It was in the past the biggest in the world from 1980 to 2000 and was included in Guinness book as such.
Shadow Museum Off -the beaten-track - Shadow Museum is a unique art space that presents objects of modern art in the style of shadow art (art of shadows).
Аfter all museums and palaces this experience is totally different. It is astonishing to see how simple collection of things can make such a great piece of art.
Before they turn on the light to show the shadow, you can make a guess, what you see. The tour lasts about 30-40 min and starts every 30 min. Highly recommended for anyone who likes modern art and wants to see something different.

Wawelberg hotel 5* opens in the historic centre of the city

The newly opened 5* Wawelberg hotel in Saint Petersburg is situated in one of the most remarkable and distinctive buildings of Nevsky Prospekt in just a short walk from the Palace Square, the Hermitage and the Neva embankment. It has 79 rooms including Junior Suites and Suites with terraces. The Wawelberg Hotel interiors are decorated with sculpture masterpieces created by Dashi Namdakov, photographs of the amazing nature of Russia by Sergey Gorshkov and the exclusive art object by world-famous glass artist Dale Chihuly.

The hotel has "Atrio"restaurant where breakfast is served. "Minerals" restaurant with panoramic windows providing views of the busy Nevsky Prospekt offers a la carte menu, elegant dishes from set menus, and stylish art desserts from our own confectionery. Authentic food products from many distant regions of Russia have been carefully collected and delicately prepared by our chief Valery Gorinov as if precious stones to become genuine culinary artworks. "The Speakeasy" two-level panoramic bar with skylight walls and fascinating views on St Isaac's and rooftops of the city - open Thur-Sun from 17.00 till 02.00

The hotel operates the unique multimedia venue Wawelberg Hall suited for any private events and celebrations. Wawelberg Hall produces own drama performances, concerts, and cultural events presented to the audience in the interiors of the historical building that amazes with its magnificence and splendor.