Travel Russia News November 2021

From November 9 Russia has resumed on mutual basis air connection with 9 more countries - Iran, Norway, Netherlands, Oman, Slovenia, Tunisia, Sweden, Thailand and Bahamas. The 2 week lock down that ended on November 7 helped to slow down the number of the new COVID cases.

Helen Isaeva

Moscow - Europe's Leading City Destination, Russian President' car on display, France and Russia - for 10 centuries together

MoscowMoscow was awarded with 2 nominations at European stage of the World Travel Awards Contest. Our capital was ahead of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Rome and Vienna. Moscow is the 1st in the category "Europe's Leading City Destination".

Special operations vehicles Museum of Special operations vehicles opened recently in one of the biggest parks in Moscow - VDNKH. The exposition contains 50 cars and motocycles (escorting cars) that have been servicing the leaders of the country from last Romanovs, Soviet time communist leaders to the current President. A separate booth is dedicated to Aurus cars - produced in Russia and used at the moment for Putin's administration. The museum opened to mark the 100th anniversary of the decree on foundation of the garage of special operations vehicles in the remote 1921.

France and Russia - 10 centuries together The exhibition "France and Russia - 10 centuries together" opened in Moscow Kremlin and will be held till January 9, 2022. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of French-Russian relations and offers 200 unique items on display - priceless pieces of art, books, documents. Among the latter - the old manuscript reminding us about important event of the XIth century - when the ruling dynasties of the two countries bacame relatives due to the fact that Anna, Daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (the then ruler of Russia) married King Henry I. The document comes from National Library of France with cyrillic signature presumably put by Princess Anna. The copy of this document was presented to the last Romanov Tzar Nicholas II in 1896 during his visit to Paris.

Baikal lake Winter Program

Baikal Lake in winter We invite you to visit the famous Baikal Lake in winter! PLease see our sample at

The offer is valid January 27 - March 10, 2022 - for 2-15 guests.

The highlights of the trip: Hovercraft ride on the ice of the lake to see the Circum Baikal railway (bulit a century ago), visit Dog Sledding centre for husky ride in taiga forest, Visit to Ust Orda village and meeting with Shaman (the Buryat people living in Baikal region are still followers of shamanism), lunch with the local family, a whole day tour around Olkhon Island on the ice riding Russian 4X4 UAZ jeeps, Visit to beautiful ice bays with ice caves and gigantic icicles, visit to Ogoi island, picnic along the way on the ice.

If you are not afraid of frosts and winter adventure this is a tour for you!