LEISURE Newsletter, December 2015

Winter has arrived but here in Moscow we have now purely "European" winter with above zero temperatures and still green grass in the parks. We are looking forward to frosts, snow, sun and lots of fun traditional winter brings. The hotels offer amazingly low rates and there is a certain "off-season" charm of museums and palaces, venues that one can fully enjoy now. Why not come to ever changing Moscow or always attractive St Petersburg for 3-4 days in winter -early spring time?

Helen Isaeva

Moscow News

In Russia 2015 is a year of literature. The main campaign of the year has become the project "War and Peace. Readings of the Novel."
Within this project the world-wide known novel by Leo Tolstoy "War and Piece" will be broadcasted during 60 hours by several state TV and radio channels. Readings are planned on December 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2015. One volume of the novel per will be read on air and online and will start at 10:00 MSK. The participants of the project are professional actors, movie directors, TV- and Radio-hosts as well as famous politicians, sportsmen, scientists, public officials and people of different other professions from different regions of Russia and other countries. Each participant will read a one page extract, which is equal to 2-3 broadcast minutes. More than 1300 readers take part in this project. Actually, anyone has a chance to participate in this project. Reading sites are in the well famous places in cities of Russia and the world, in theaters, museums, historical buildings, and of course many of them are mentioned in the novel "War and Peace".

Exhibition: Art Treasures of Russia
This unique exposition comprises over 300 items of "Art Treasures of Russia" from icons to modern art paintings. Many of them belong to private collections and were not available to the general public. During almost a century paintings of great Russian painters were kept hidden in order to save them from destruction and damage. Historical cataclysms followed one enother: World War I, Revolution, Immigration, Repressions, Warld War II, hard times... Only now these masterpieces are available for your appraisement. The exhibition is open from November 14, 2015 until February 14, 2016. Entrance through the Christ the Saviour Cathedral square

Leo Tolstoy "War and Piece"
Art Treasures of Russia
Classic Russia 8 day program
Trekking on volcanoes
Russia's Lake Baikal
St. Petersburg Best Hotels

Classic Russia

One of our most popular itineraries is Classic Russia 8 day program. It comprises the most important sightseeing in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow guests will see the Kremlin with its Cathedrals and the Armoury Chamber, the New Maiden Convent, visit the Tretyakov Gallery. It takes only 4 hours to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg by high-speed train Sapsan. In St. Petersburg guests will observe Peter & Paul's Fortress, visit one of the largest museums in the world - the Hermitage, Tzar's Village in Pushkin and Empress Catherine's Palace. Excellent guides and logistics guaranteed.

For more details please use the link below.
Classic Russia 2016 http://www.travelrussia.net/FITtour/classic_russia16.html

Interesting Facts about Russia

  • 20% of the world's unfrozen fresh water is in a single lake: Russia's Lake Baikal.
  • Russia has boarders with 16 countries: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Litva, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, North Korea, Japan and the USA.
  • The most famous computer game Tetris was created by Russian software engineer Alexey Pazhitonov in 1984. Tetris was the first entertainment software to be exported from the USSR to the USA.
  • The name Red Square has nothing to do with communism, but derives from the word "krasnyi", which once meant "beautiful"
  • It's not all tundra and taiga - you can go trekking on volcanoes.

Special Offers of St. Petersburg Best Hotels

  • Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace 5*
    The most fabulous hotel of St. Petersburg introduces a special offer Stay 3 - Pay 2 nights. The offer is valid for Suite Room Types during the Low Season till March 31, 2016.
  • Astoria Hotel 5*/Angleterre Hotel 4*
    Stay 4 - Pay 3 nights. The offer is valid for all room types during the Medium and Low Seasons.
  • Grand Hotel Europe 5*
    Stay 3 - Pay 2 nights. The offer is valid for all room types during the Low Season, until March 31, 2016.