Special issue for Arabian/Asian market, May 2016

We are happy to remind you about the closest Europan destination! Travel Russia is an officially certified ground operator which possesses a reference number, registered in the Federal Agency for Tourism. We will be glad to provide visa support for our guests.

Helen Isaeva

Russia is Ready to Welcome Arab Guests: New Friendly Environment Only 5 Hours Flight from Dubai to Moscow

This is a well known fact that the most popular destination for guests form UAE during the Summer months is Europe. Obviously, there are many reasons to enjoy staying in Europe: nice weather, cultural heritage and shopping opportunities. There is also no doubt that your clients have already seen what Europe has to offer... probably more than once. Isn't it the time for a change?

Russia has been interested in UAE visitors for quite a long time. Many things have been done to meet high expectations of Arab guests. Luxury hotels have Arabic speaking personnel, serve Halal cuisine, offer facilities for praying. There are many beautiful Mosques in Russia to fascinate the guests.

Nowadays shopping opportunities are endless in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The majority of luxury brands have stores in Russia, and some of them design exclusive collections which can be found only in the Russian market. The main reason for it is that the taste of Russian women differs from European trends. Historically Russia has been influenced by Eastern cultures, and this might be the reason why Russian women prefer feminine looks, so fashion houses do not mind following this trend of demand. The same is with jewellery. Although, except European jewellery brands, there are several world famous designers, who create exclusive jewellery items using local gem stones: Emeralds from the Urals, Diamonds from Yakutia, Rubies from Chelyabinsk etc.


White Nights in St. Petersburg

If the favorite season for travelling form UAE is Summer, then it is the right time to visit St. Petersburg, where the White Nights period lasts from late May until mid July. During this period the nights are almost as bright as days. St. Petersburg is the world's most northern city with a population over 1 million, and it stands at such a high latitude that the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark. Night becomes almost indistinguishable from day, so much so that the authorities never need to turn the city's streetlights on.

Saint Petersburg is Russia's most popular tourist destination due to its classic architecture and old world charm that is so different to Moscow. Along with luxury boutiques there is plenty of exquisite entertainment, such as world famous museums and thetaers as well as carriage, boat or helicopter rides.

Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg

Cathedral Mosque is one of the most famous historical attractions in St. Petersburg. Opened its doors in 1913 and was the largest mosque in Europe witth its minarets of 49 meters in height and the 39 meters high dome and the main mosque of the Russian Empire. The mosque is situated in the central part of St. Petersburg and can accommodate up to five thousand worshippers.

The founding stone was laid in 1910 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reign of Abdul Ahat Khan in Bukhara. By that time, the Muslim community of the Russian capital of that era exceeded 8,000 people. The projected structure was capable of accommodating most of them. The architect Nikolai Vasilyev patterned the mosque after Gur-e Amir, the tomb of Tamerlane in Samarkand. The construction was completed by 1921.

Worshippers are separated by gender during a worship service; females worship on the first floor, while the males worship on the ground floor. The Mosque was closed to worshippers from 1940 to 1956. In 1940 Soviet authorities banned services and turned the building into a medical equipment storehouse. During the Second World War St. Petersburg Mosque was closed and was made into a warehouse. Upon the request of the first Indonesian President, Sukarno, ten days after his visit to the city, the mosque was returned to the Muslim Religious community of St. Petersburg in 1956. A major restoration of the mosque was carried out in 1980.