LEISURE Newsletter, October 2016

Winter is approaching! Experience truly winter fairy tale in Russia! Please find the information on winter programs in Karelia as well as winter packages and cultural news from Moscow.

Helen Isaeva

Karelian Winter

Winter is slowly getting closer and it is time to think about Winter Holidays. If you want to have a "once in a lifetime" experience then you should consider spending your holiday in Kizhi. This time we offer you to discover Kizhi by hovercraft. One day tour from the city of Petrozavodsk to Kizhi island.

Meeting with the guide in Petrozavodsk.
Departure for Kizhi island by hovercraft from the Onego Lake embankment in Petrozavodsk.
Arrival on Kizhi island. Excursion in the Kizhi Museum of wooden architecture and cultural history. You will get acquainted with the famous Kizhi churches, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and visit one of the houses of the Kizhi museum village.

After the excursion your guide will take you to the cafe in the harbor area and tell you about local tea traditions. Here you will taste traditional tea made of herbs with pastry. Afterwards the hovercraft will transport you to the other side of Kizhi island, where the restoration centre of the museum is situated. The guide will show you the restoration process of the main church of Kizhi. You will see, where the original logs are kept, how they are being restored and reassembled after the restoration. Departure for Petrozavodsk.

Thare are many other options to have an unforgettable holiday in Kizhi.

Snowmobile Tour in Kizhi is a perfect getaway for those who have never tried snowmobiling as well as for those who want to experience real Karelian winter. The tour includes visiting such places as ancient Karelian villages Pegrema, Yuzhny Dvor and Lypovitsy and the second biggest lake in Europe, the Lake Onego, to the world-known Kizhi island. Today's highlight is the Kizhi Museum of Wooden Architecture and Cultural History with its gem and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kizhi Architectural Ensemble.
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Kizhi churches, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
Snowmobile Tour in Kizhi
Russia exhibition of art works of Rafael Sanzio
Exhibition of Alexander Rodchenko
Low Season Offers

Moscow Cultural Life

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Uffizi Gallery (Italy) presents the first in Russia exhibition of art works of Rafael Sanzio (1483) - one of the greatest artists of the world. The exhibition is named "Raphael. The Poetry of the Image" and features 11 artworks, including three drawings and eight paintings - among them the artist's iconic self-portrait (1506), portraits of Agnolo Doni and his wife Maddalena (1506) and Madonna del Granduca (1505).This exhibition, unprecedented in scale and significance, is a milestone cultural collaboration between the Pushkin Museum and the Uffizi Galleries. The unique event is held under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Russia. All of the artworks are on loan from Italian museums: eight from the Uffizi Gallery and the Palatine Gallery, the others from the National Gallery of Bologna, the National Gallery of Marche and the Tosio Martinengo Gallery. Raphael's portraits are praised for their beauty, serenity and harmony of composition.

Exhibition of Alexander Rodchenko, the legendary Soviet photographer, opened on September 24 and will last until November 13, 2016 at Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. Being a representative of Russian Avant garde of XX century, founder of Constructionism, pioneer of advertisement and design in USSR Alexander Rodchenko is an iconic personality for any Russian designer of photographer. He is famous for his experiments, unusual compositions and camera angles, weird color solutions as well as portraits of Soviet celebrities such as Vladimir Mayakovsky and Lilya Brik, Sergey Tretyakov and many others.

Low Season Offers

Travel Russia would like to draw your attention to the low season packages. The high season is over and the rates went down significantly. Winters are mild in Russia now, so it is a wonderful opportunity to visit Russia during the low season at minimal expences. If you are undecided about your Christmas Holidays, please consider travelling to Russia! For more information please follow the links below.

Moscow, Low Season Package 2016, 3 nights/4 days

St. Petersburg, Low Season Package 2016/2017, 3 nights/4 days