LEISURE Newsletter, February 2017

The travel season is coming though in Moscow it is now almost all year round as lots of visitors are coming here in winter time. Please find our update on Moscow as well as information on Luxury Transsib train opearted by Russian company.

Helen Isaeva

Moscow News

Skating in the Sky
The highest ice skating rink in Europe opened in Moscow. It is located on the roof of Moscow City Business Center, on the 96th floor, at a height of 354 meters above ground. Moscow already possesses the largest ice rink in Europe, which has an area of approximately 20,000 square meters and is located at the city's All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNKh) amusement park. While summer is the most popular time to visit Moscow, skating in the city's parks is one of the Russian capital's leading attractions during the winter season.

Sightseeing Patform at Gorky Park
The main entrance building of Gorky Park now looks like it did in the 1950-s. In the past, it was forbidden to enter this building, but now it is a public museum of Gorky Park with a sightseeing platform on its rooftop. From the 18-meter high platform opens the view over the entire park and the other side offers a view over Moscow and its attractions such as domes of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and Peter I monument.


Radisson Royal Ukraina Hotel 5*

Hotel Radisson Royal Ukraina 5* is located in one the famous seven buildings in Moscow that are known as "Stalinist skyscrapers" or "Seven Sisters". Their special and highly distinguished style is the architectural signature of Russia's capital.

Hotel Ukraina originally opened on May 28, 1957. In half a century in service, the hotel has undergone a complete modernization. After the three years of renovation works the hotel open its doors on April 28, 2010 under the brand name of Radisson Royal. The hotel combines the best features of two eras: the grand imperial style and the moving aesthetics of the socialist society exist here in seamless harmony with modern "smart comfort" and global traditions of five-star service.

Extraordinary architecture and superior style of the hotel have attracted remarkable persons such as Marcello Mastroianni, Robert De Niro, Michel Legrand, Patricia Kaas, Cesaria Evora, Dominic Cooper, Michael Flatley, Audrey Tautou, Sophie Loren, Francis Ford Coppola, Christian Slater, Adrien Brody, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and many other celebrities.

This amazing hotel offers not only only luxurious accommodation, restaurants and bars. Since the hotel is located on the bank of the Moscow River, there is a pier where Radisson Royal Flotilla offers its guests entertainment cruises along the Moscow River in state-of-the-art river yachts-restaurants.

In 2009 five flotilla yachts were constructed upon a special design, they are: Ferdinand, Capella, Bon Voyage, Celebrity and Scarlet.

In 2012-2013 were built super-yachts "Primavera" ,"Butterfly", "Beauty", "Montana" and "Felicita" which are able to accommodate comfortably 300 passengers in business and first class saloons, and there are open decks as well.
Now, with a new generation of yachts, the flotilla consists of 10 white-beauty-yachts designed for year-round entertaining excursion cruises on the Moscow River, for magnificent banquets and conferences which are available all year round, in winter they operate as icebreakers. Cruises run daily in accordance with fixed schedule. All yachts meet the highest safety standards including those related to environment. The yachts and pier are adopted for use by people with disabilities.

Luxury Trans-Siberian Train in Russia

We are delighted to introduce our new product: Imperial Russia Train of VIP class which is the first Luxury Trans-Siberian train in Russia. Please note that VIP Imperial Russia Train is serviced by the same Russian company which provides services for Luxury Golden Eagle train but the main difference is that the prices for Imperial Russia train are lower since it is a purely Russian product.

MOSCOW TO BEIJING ( Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulaan Ude, Ulan Bator (Ulaan Baatar / Ulaanbataar), Erlian, Beijing), 14 days/13 nights
Departure dates 2017/2018
Moscow to Beijing

2017: 21 May - 4 June. 20 August - 3 September
2018: 19 August - 2 September

Beijing to Moscow
2017: 28 August - 11 September
2018: 27 August - 10 September

Vladivostok - Ulan Ude - Lake Baikal - Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Yekaterinburg - Kazan- Moscow, 13 days/12 nights
Departure dates 2017/2018

2017: 1-14 August
2018: 1-14 June. 30 July - 12 August

Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg-Novosibirsk-Irkutsk-Lake Baikal-Ulan Ude-Vladivostok
Departure dates 2017/2018

2017: 21 July - 3 August (plus extra night in hotel as required)
2018: 21 May - 3 June. 19 July - 1 August

Trans-Siberian Railway, often called TransSib in Russia, is the world's longest and most famous railway route across Russia. It runs through the whole continent: starts in Moscow, passes through the European part of Russia, crosses the Ural mountains, which separate Europe and Asia, continues into Siberia's taiga and steppes, and finishes in Vladivostok - the Russia's Far East coast of the Pacific Ocean. Its length is over 9000 km.

During Trans-Siberian journey passengers will see a variety of landscapes and the magnificient Siberian Baikal lake, meet people of different cultures.

The train offers a choice of carriagees for different lyfestile and budget: First class, First class + and VIP.

For travellers' comfort Imperial Russia Train has two restaurants and a bar. Restaurants offer dishes of traditional Russian Cuisine. Beverages & cocktails are served at the bar.

Duration of the tour is 15 days and the route goes through Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, the Baikal lake, Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Bator, Erlian, Beijing.

  • All-inclusive meal plan
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Russian or Chinese languages speaking Tour Guides can accompany guests during the trip
  • On the long way from Moscow to Beijing the following entertainment can be provided:
    • Intensive sightseeing and team building program
    • Wonderful folk shows
    • Master classes revealing the secrets of Russian Cuisine
    • Introduction to traditions, culture and customs of local people
For more details please contact Travel Russia.