Private visit to Russia: Moscow - Golden Ring - St. Petersburg, May 2018

“Hi Travel Russia!
I'm having an AMAZING time! I LOVE Russia!! The fact you didn't hear from me is good. Type-A, high expectations me, and I'm silent all this time except for one schedule Q!? Almost unheard of. The ballets were amazing. The dancing is just unparalled compared to anything I've seen (including NYC, Royal Winnipeg, etc.). The ballets were different in style, so I also got a great mix in repetoire. Maria actually hooked me up with her friend my last AM in St. Petersburg such that I got to tour Faberge's workshop (and see the safe) and hit the Nabokov house and museum. Maria - I can rave about her forever. It was like having my bestie with me. Moscow is so pretty and clean and the weather is perfect. Nalalia took me to a national celebration/festival downtown Moscow in which I got to see Russian folk dancing this morning (so cool!). She also suggested the Circus Nikulin. I just got home from that and it was crazy good. I am not in favor of the animal aspect, and there were some animals, but I tried to just liken it to seeing the running of the bulls because, well,...when in Madrid... My main interest for the circus was the acrobatics and such - it did not disappoint (a performer in pointe shoes dancing on a tight rope with no security net?!? Unreal). Four Seasons (both) have cleanliness, service levels, decor, and amenities that are perfection. Spa time at St. Petersburg was wonderful (and needed), and I'm going to spend some time at the spa here on Sunday before I leave. I feel totally safe walking around by myself and being out in the open around the areas where I've stayed. So sad only a few more days left....

Thanks for checking in!