Mr. Robinson, private tour, Bailey Robinson (UK), May 2015

“M&G perfect. Good, very clean, new minibus. Met by Julia and driver Sergey who were with us through the M&G and then the next guided day. Bottled water in car etc.
Kempinski is very very good. Perfect location, within sight of the Hermitage and right on a canal to add a bit of old St Pete feeling. Great staff, spoke perfect English, polite and very helpful!
Julia was an excellent guide, very well educated, charming and well understood the cultural differences and therefore she was able to explain and discuss.
LED is now a ‘New’ airport, completely rebuilt – I go through it twice a year at least and it is now really good. V easy to get around. No problems at all.
In Summary – the Kempinski is the best hotel there I think – we looked at the other top hotels and frankly the Kempinski location is just excellent, much, much better than the others, the level of service and comfort is just what you would expect – first class.
Will we go back? Yes – probably for two days or so. There is masses to see, we barely scratched the surface. A very cosmopolitan city, deep history, very clean, unthreatening. Highly recommended.