Testimonials 2008

“Fabulous. Unbelievable. Worked out beautifully. Our two guides took care of us as they were supposed to. They were always nice, very flexible, knowledgable and we learned a lot. At Grand Hotel Europe they had a beautiful room and the breakfasts were great. The entire trip exceeded their expectations. -- Really enjoyed their anniversary dinner at Sadko. - They took the hydrofoil to Peterhof and got there before the fountains started so they were able to see them start and thought it was an amazing sight. -- Got the champagne from the guide in St. P and really appreciated it. The guides were outstanding and the trip was probably the best they've ever taken.
You deserve an applause for the outstanding job you did arranging their tour. It warms my heart to think that you were able to bring so much joy to this couple.
As Shakespeare once said "All's well that ends well"! ”

Forwarded by Karen Stokely

“I wish I had more clients going to Russia since I really liked your country when I visited several years ago, plus I really enjoyed working with you. You're extremely conscientious, detail-oriented and patient. What a jewel you are (more valuable than a Faberge egg)!!! ”
Forwarded by Karen Stokely
Feedback after Mr & Mrs Galbut visit, St.Petersburg – Moscow, June 2008

“thank you for giving the Clutterbucks such a great time! they simply loved YOU (and expect you here in England!) and of course your city. they did not say anything about the high prices for meals etc. It was a great success and thank you again!”

Feedback after Mr & Mrs Clutterbucks visit, St.Petersburg, June 2008

“Just to let you know they had an absolutely wonderful time and loved their guide Natalia Ellert - they said she could not have been better. So thank you to her and you.”

Janet Andrews, Ultimate Travel, Feedback after Lennox Familty, St.Petersburg, May 2008

You exceeded all my expectations for Princess Alexandra's first time to Russia and I do not know how to thank you for your unstinting hours over both visits but, of course, in particular over the Royal 'unofficial' visit.
A ll you did was more than I could ever have anticipated. Having worked for Prince Philip in younger years, all I can say is that you could have planned a State Visit for The Queen, should Her Majesty ever come to you again! Your planning and timings were perfect, you were confidently in the background at every point ahead of us and you arranged so many little touches with all the palaces and museums that I had not envisaged at all. The organisation was VERY impressive.
It was a great privilege to have the special cloakrooms at every point and not have to bustle with other visitors, to have the Curators and Directors waiting everywhere for HRH besides driving as close as possible to every entry point. With the most horrible weather imaginable, so unbelievably grey and warm and slushy, it was great forethought to make so many of these extra arrangements, in particular driving like the Tsars on Sunday through the main gates of the Catherine Palace! Little did our guests maybe think of this but for me and Colin who know otherwise, of course it was an amazing feeling and naturally saved time with our rather slow party. Driving through these gates was a real 'wow' as it was for Bruce Willis, I can assure you!
Princess Alexandra really LOVED the tour and even said she would come back one day - I felt she was a bit dazed by so many sights and palaces and family connections not being used to such intensive days full of such very different impressions - the glitz of the hotel and the treasures in the palaces to the pitiful 2 room flat of one of our St. Gregory families (that she requested to see), to the excitement of the Tsar's Box and meeting U. Lopatkina backstage, the Admiralty Restaurant which everyone loved

Feedback after the Her Royal Highness' Lady Ogilvy Princess Alexandra visit to St.Petersburg, February, 6 – 10 2008