Testimonials 2010

“I’m very pleased to inform you that we’ve got very good and positive feedback from Stratton family. They really enjoyed Moscow and St. Petersburg.. According to them the guides, tours, hotels and transportation arrangements within Russia were all terrific. The guides spoke good English, were extremely knowledgeable and took good care of them. They also had good suggestions for shopping/dining. The drivers were reliable, courteous and considerate. Thank you very much for the great job you’ve done! ”

Ekaterina Safonova, Canadian Gateway, Feedback after Stratton family from Canada, Moscow and St. Petersburg, August 2010

“Simonovsky hotel in Moscow was the best hotel ever offered in Moscow. All other hotel we used were Russian hotels not international and there were not good. Also this hotel is located in nice safe area which is very good for the student groups. And they dont charge for luggage storage as other hotels did. So if we could get good rates for this hotel to use it in the future that will really be perfect!!!.”

Laura Capodicasa, EF Feedback after the Student Group from USA, Moscow, July 2010

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for organizing our St Petersburg trip earlier this month. Everything worked really well and we enjoyed the city very much indeed.
Thank you so much for all the work you put into organising this trip, so late in the day, we really did appreciate this. The hotel was great, ballets wonderful and our guide and driver were both excellent. I will certainly go back there! Thank You”

Jane Kingston, Compass Group, Feedback after the Kingston Family visit from UK, St.Petesburg, July 2010

“...just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we all had on the vacation. The hotels were grand, the cities gorgeous and the guides terrific. We are so grateful for the hard work you did putting this elaborate trip together. Between the itineraries, hotels, and meals, I know it was a handful and your efforts were really appreciated. It was a hard trip to leave because it was the perfect combination of historical interest, beauty and of course the fantastic wedding!”

Janet McKenzie, Lakani World Tours, Feedback after Lear & LaPook Party from US, St. Petersburg, June 2010

“Thank you so very much for all your assistance with the Hermitage Foundation trip to St Petersburg -- the guides were fabulous and all of the details superb. I will definately recommend your services to others and look forward to next year's trip as well.”

Gloria Dittus, Story Partners DC, Feedback after the Hermitage Foundation trip from US, St.Petesburg, June 2010

“it was a great success and thank you very much. Daniel whose company Distant Horizons is, was very pleased and had very good feedback on the whole itinerary . In particular all the letters were full of praise for Alyosha and Elena (the guides) in equal measure. VERY impressed by the organisation and all the interest of the touretc. No complaints or comments on the journeys. Only somes aid they would have liked more time in the Hermitage! thank you to all of you.”

Tania Illingworth, Feedback after Leporc Party from UK, St.Petesburg and Pskov, March 2010

“ I just wanted to thank you for arranging the most wonderful trip to St. Petersburg. We could not have enjoyed ourselves and Julia could not have been a more informative and interesting guide. She also was wonderfully understanding when we muddled up Tsars and their relationships! Michael also was a wonderful driver. Everything ran smoothly including the flight home and again I can't thank you enough.”

Janet Andrews, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after the Graham family visit from UK, St.Petesburg, March 2010

“... my heartfelt thanks for everything you all did to make the trip such a success .. our sincere and heartfelt thanks to you … the trip went off without a hitch and the schedule worked like a charm!! Travel Russia covered the bases and worked very well in Moscow and super well in St Petersburg. Our young guide in Moscow, Natalia was knowledgeable and very helpful. Our guide in St Petersburg, Julia Korn, was an absolute winner. Our driver in St Petersburg, Viktor, was also extraordinary – in the madhouse traffic outside the Mariinski and the concert hall, he was parked immediately outside when we left (3 out of 3!) He was also always right there as we travelled and was a comfortingly safe driver in very slippery weather. You want this pair on your team!! In St Petersburg we were met by the Manager, Irina Orlova, as well as by Julia at the airport. Irena then escorted us to the airport at an ungodly morning hour to see us off. The itinerary and arrangements were superb! The music and dance were beyond belief! We had Peter to lead and teach us! Experience of a lifetime!!!“ THANK YOU, AGAIN!”

Susan Gullia, Protravel, Feedback after The Bunker party from US, St.Petesburg, February 2010

“We arrived back safely last night after one of the very best holidays we have had.The city looked its best, snow and winter sunshine, the guides were top class and Tania was charming and efficient.She added a very special dimension to the whole trip with her intimate Russian knowledge of the city its people and history.All in all "Ultimate " at the top of their game-many many thanks”

Antonia Nathan, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after the White family from UK, St.Petesburg, February 2010

“ what a magic five days. We loved every second, learned a lot, quite overawed by all that was in front of our eyes. I cannot thank you enough, you were a star! We only want to see St. Petersburg being looked after by you! Without you and Ultimate we'd have seen a fraction and it was lovely being with you. Thank you again ”

Tania Illingworth, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after the Stern family from UK, St.Petesburg, February 2010

“thank you for the veritable feast of information you gave us daily in Moscow. we saw your city in its best light with glorious sun and snow and you made it all JUST SO interesting and amusing. Most of the group had no idea what to expect of the city which looks so impressive and smart these days despite the loss of many historical buildings of which they are unaware of course. I always feel I am so lucky to have you with me Luidmila (the guide) because you are never boring in any way, your command of English is near flawless, your wonderful sense of humour delights me and others always and your encyclopaedic and erudite knowledge is really breathtaking - it is such a privilege to spend the time with you so I do thank you for all the time and research you must put into the tours each time. I do hope I bring another party next year to Moscva. The Hotel was excellent and suited the clients, they like feeling comfortable with a degree of good service which they certainly had there...

...we have all returned with much more knowledge about Russia and will be much more aware of our joint heritage and cultural links from now on!! It is always a triumph for me to get people to Russia, i feel that otherwise, they might just not have the cultural 'fix', the best that man can have in Europe!!”

Tania Illingworth, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after the group from UK, Moscow, February 2010

“...It was another v. successful tour and thank you for being around and seeing to all the details. It makes allt he difference to know there is a smooth chain and everything is going to work, most especially with such a large group. The last day, going to th Storages (of Hermitage)was a GREAT surprising success for the 3 clients you took there so thank you for that. They loved it and they also said the Ballet at the Hermitage Theatre was outstanding with a really good ballerina in Swan Lake....

So THANK YOU all in all and I wish you a successful season with lots of clients and a hot summer after all this cold and romantic russian snow!”

Tania Illingworth, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after the group from UK, St. Petersburg, February 2010

“... beautiful tour, blue skies and dazzling days. everyone very interested. flawless tour and wonderful hotel. everyone thrilled.”

Tania Illingworth, Ultimate Travel Group, Feedback after Watson Party from UK, Moscow, February 2010

“... our trip to St Petersburg was a huge success - in every way! Olga, the guide, and Yuri, the driver, were both great and nothing seemed too much trouble. Olga's English was excellent and her knowledge seemed endless. The ballet was very memorable, as was the sleigh ride from the palace around the park......we had plenty of snow to add to the atmosphere and the sun shone on 3 of our 4 days which I gather is most unusual and lucky! So altogether it was a great 4 days - ..Thanks for all your help with our trip...”

Steppes Travel, Feedback after Jerram Party from UK St. Petersburg, February 2010