Ms. Louise Pain, TRAVELCENTRE (Australia) group, May 2015

“Just to let you know that we have all had a really great time, weather was perfect, only one day of rain. The guides were so good, very flexible to accommodate our literary tastes, and so knowledgeable. They managed to fit in a visit to Ahkmatava's Museum and even drove to the outer north of St. Petersburg to see where Pushkin fought his fatal duel.
Everyone agreed that one of the highlights was Tolstoy,s Estate, Yasnaya Polyana. It was like a comfortable family home, and Tolstoy,s presence was very powerful. Both the literary and non literary in the group thought it well worth it.
The other thing that had a profound effect on us was the visit to the Piskaryovskoye Cemetery. After seeing heart-wrenching photos and a video, we walked through the cemetery. Just mounds of grass labled with a year 1941, or 1944, etc. But what was so moving was the classical music being played through loud speakers throughout the grounds. It had such a sobering effect on us that nobody spoke on the bus, including the guide, for quite some time. It should be required visiting for every visitor to St. Petersburg.
The Moscow hotel was fine. The breakfast was excellent. Being close to a Metro so that we could get out at night was a plus for us.
The Suzdal hotel was perfect, right on the main square
St. Petersburg hotel was great. Excellent location for making the most of the evenings. We all came back with coughs and colds, utterly exhausted, but singing Russia's praises and the amazing experience we had.
Again, thanks for making it such a great trip.”