LEISURE Newsletter, December 2016

Holiday season is coming! We would like to invite you to our Winter Wonderland! More and more guests are choosing to come to Russia in winter when everything around turns white and one can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our long winter holidays!

Helen Isaeva

Holiday Season Excitement

Holiday Season
is coming closer day after day. Moscow is getting ready to welcome the new 2017 year and fancy decorations all arund the city bring the dreamworld down on earth.

Many public festive events take place during the holiday season in Moscow. Hotels offer luxury New Year's Eve programs with a dinner and entertainment. Reservations are still possible, so do not hesitate to contact Travel Russia directly for more details.

Skating rinks in Moscow welcome visitors all winter long. Skating in the very heart of Moscow - at The Red Square - will become a one-of-a-kind experience if you decide to visit Moscow in Winter.

One of the Russian New Year's favours is The Nutcracker ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre. Written by Peter I. Tchaikovsky and choreographed by Marius Petipa, The Nutcracker is a timeless masterpiece, which delights all kinds of public: those who came to see a ballet performance for the first time and sophisticated ballet fans.


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Russia in Winter

  1. Winter is the low season, so the prices are not so high, and there are no crowds of tourists at the attractions, mueums and other public places of interest.
  2. Winter is a traditional Russian season, described in literature and featured in paintings. Nowadays winters are not as cold as they used to be in the XX century, so you trip will be comfortable.
  3. Winter is the best season to try Russian Vodka. A shot of crystal-clear, cold vodka will make you warm and happy.
  4. The famous Russian dishes are best in Winter: borsch, pancakes with caviar, pelmeni and pirogi.
  5. You can experience ice diving, ice fishing, ice skating, safari, dog sledding, troika riding and many other exciting activities.

Hidden Treasures between St. Petersburg and Moscow

We are ready to offer a new link itinerary leading from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It is an alternative to a flight or a high-speed train ride and is recommended for travellers seeking experience off the beaten track.

On the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow you will have a chance to explore Novgorod Veliky with its ancient Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral, Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavitsy", and Museum of Russian Icon.

We offer you to discover hidden gems that are not on genral "must see" itineraries.

You will proceed to Valday and see Iversky Monastery, drive to Torzhok and visit Goldwork Embroidery Museum.

On the following day you will have a full day of sightseein in Tver' and then Klin, where Peter Tchaikovsky House-Museum is located. A Christmas decoration workshop will teach you to paint glass Christmas decorations at Klin Compound Museum. An excursion to Eco Farm with beer degustation at the brewery and traditional shashlik barbecue will be a relaxing part of your journey.

In Sergiev-Posad you will visit the famous Sergius -Trinity Monastery and have a unique chance to experience Russian matreshka or icon painting and later have lunch at a local restaurant with monks.

The last destination before Moscow will be the the town of Kolomna, where you will be welcomed in a Russian traditional way with "bread and salt" near the Kremlin walls and have a master class at blacksmith's shop.
After that you will be offered tea with sweets and taken to Moscow.

Insight discovery of Russian lifestyle is guaranteed!

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