Testimonials 2006

“Another brilliant tour again. Huge Success! Tops toPS tops. MARVELLOUS DAY WITH Alexei Leporc (lecturer) at the Palaces. All our meals via Travel Russia were excellent.”

Tania Illingworth, Russian Travel Consultant, Hampshire Art Group – October 2006

“To have had another opportunity, or two opportunities, to recreate my favourite touring team for two consecutive weekends was my greatest pleasure and thank you so much for being available in a busy season to work with me on behalf of Solomon R Guggenheim Museum and Lucas Artists Circle. There are so many happy, and indeed memorable, memories of these precious days. Thank you for your kind friendship and extraordinary talents as ever.”

Roger Bevan, Guggenheim Museum group and Lucas Artists Circle group – June 2006.

“As I'm sure you are aware the Kinsey party are all back from Russia. Mrs Kinsey wanted me to pass on her comments regarding her trip. She said everyone was very helpful and kind. She said everyone thought you were wonderful and all wanted to give you lots of thanks for everything.
I want to thank you for helping so much with these good clients, they had a fantastic time to Russia and I appreciate everything you and the guides did to make their visit so enjoyable and memorable.

Sally Hewertson, Steppes Travel, Kinsey party 2006

“We arrived home safe and sound and very tired today! Thank you very much for arranging our Moscow visit and a speial thank you to Ludmilla and the driver, Vladimir. The latter were absolutely terrific especially Ludmilla who seemed to be knowledgeable about just about everything and could come up with a story. a description, or a bit of history for just about any query! Moscow was wonderfull, the Metropole suberb, and our 2 cultural events were outstanding. We loved every minute of the trip and felt coddled and sheltered from the moment the train stopped, when we were met in the rail car, to our departure when Ludmilla took us right into the airport. The train was great fun and terribly neat and clean and efficient and comfortable. Loved the trip and loved the russians and hate to be home!
Many thanks from us both.....

Elizabeth BALLANTYNE” - October 2006

“The jet lag is gone, but the memories of our amazing Russian voyage will last a lifetime. Or at least until I can return.

Tim Johnson, Director "Over the Hedge" Bruce Willis visit to Russia May 2006