Elisabeth Herwegh, Germany, Tour through Russia, June 2017

“I would like to thank Travel Russia for the marvellous organization of our tour from Moscow to Nishni Nowgorod, Kasan, Susdal, Kirill-Berloserski und Ferpontow etc.... The trip went smoothly and without disturbances!
To this added, of course, the marvellous guidance by our guide Elena – a most aimable, knowledgeable, efficient and cooperative guide, just the right person to introduce us to Russia – a country widely misunderstood and deliberately badly described by Western, also German Media. She was present any time and produced expert solutions for any question concerning our program, itinerary etc.
Also our driver Nikita contributed to the perfect performance – always ready for service in his clean and comfortable car, an excellent and smart though calm and safe driver, very cooperative and always respectful!
Thus our stay in Russia developed to a great success and will remain a jewel in our memory!!

Once again: thank so much!”