LEISURE Newsletter, February 2018

In this issue we would like to give you the idea of more options that might be offered to the guests who would like to exprience something different from usual tours in and outside Moscow.

Helen Isaeva

The first and the only "locavore" restaurant in Russia: MARK & LEV

Restaurant MARK and LEV "Mark & Lev" is an award-winning farm-to-table restaurant, located in the scenic countryside of Tula region, 120 km away from Moscow. Currently it is the only locavore restaurant in Russia. At "Mark & Lev" they use products from local farms within a 150 km range and have their own farm as well. All the suppliers are neighbours and friends of the restaurant staff since they live and work close by.

The second restaurant of the brand opened in 2016 in Rublyovka area near Moscow. It became an outpost for the Tula farm cluster. The "Mark & Lev" complex apart from the restaurants includes a very home like atmosphere "Bolotov" dacha hotel lost in picturesque fileds, mini-farm, shops where one can buy fresh food directly from farms, farmers market where different master classes or tastings can be done.

The restaurnats' menu changes every couple of weeks depending on the availability of fresh meat, poultry, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and herbs. Coffee and spices are the only imported goods which you can find in the kitchen.

Well known chef Mikhail Lukashonok creates a new language for regional Russian cuisine by combining contemporary techniques with recipes and flavours of Russia's culinary traditions. He devotes special attention to using forgotten varieties of vegetables and herbs, which were popular in Russia in the previous centuries.

If you enjoy Russian literature, you might also enjoy participating in a reconstruction of a dinner described for example in "Anna Karenina or "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy.

Visiting Mark & Lev restaurant can be a nice addition to a tour to Yasnaya Polyana - house museum of Leo Tolstoy, or Polenovo - museum estate of painter Vasily Polenov located nearby. Dinner at this restaurant will let you have a deeper understanding of Russia, because you will have a taste of it. If time permits the guests can stay a night in "Bolotov" hotel after spending a day in the countryside.

Moss Boutique Hotel 5* in Moscow

Moss Hotel Located in the very centre of Moscow this boutique hotel features state of the art interiors and exceptional services. The longest breakfast hours in Moscow can be found here: from 4 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Moss Hotel is situated in the former annex building of Galitzine Chambers, built in XVII–XVIII centuries, which you can see from the hotel. Currently they are in a critical condition and are awaiting a developer who will be able to adjust them for a new life. The annex had a better history — during more than two hundred years there were apartments for rent, offices and now there is a design hotel. During the reconstruction designers used the old elements of interior and tried to give them new functionality. Nails from the walls were used to create pieces of art, bricks now decorate the terrace wall, beams were used for decoration of the entire hotel. The hotel possesses art collection, selected by Oksana Bondarenko — director of Tretyakovskaya Gallery Support Fund and curator of «Intensive XX» project. Exposition will change on the regular basis — Moss is also a gallery, all artworks are for sale and some of them have been booked before the hotel opening.

Moscow Museum of Parfum

Moscow Parfum Museum Moscow Parfum Museum is located in the historical street in Moscow: Stary Arbat (Old Arbat). The museum offers the unique collection of the world grand perfumes, including antique and vintage fragrances. Excursions -with perfume degustations are lead by expert guides, who know the history of perfumery in detail. You will have a chance to study the history of perfumes in a unique museum - osmothèque, which is the scent archive. During an excursion you will observe the old art of classic perfumery and taste authentic old and vintage perfumes. Only Prebooked tours are possible here and this will be an interesting item to include in ladies groups programs or fmaily tours.

Tasting excursions are offered in five different languages: Russian, English, French, Arabic, Chinese.