Travel Russia News September 2020

Almost all of the museums are open now and even start excursions for groups though for smaller numbers - from 5 to 12 visitors. Autumn is isually the richest season for different events and cultural activities. We would like to introduce you some of them in Moscow city.

Helen Isaeva

New exhibitions in Moscow museums in autumn

From Russian Arctics with love"From Russian Arctics with love" - the photo exhibition in Darwin museum. The most northern and the biggest guarded (8,8 mln hectares) territory of Russia - national part "Russian Arctics" is located in Archangelsk area. the north part of the park in in 85% covered by glaciers - this is archipelago Franz Jozef land. Very rare types of animlas inhabit this region - northern deer, arctic sea-cow, white dolphin. The exhibition offers variety of photos of the region and its wildlife.

Empire in miniature"Empire in miniature" - opened in Borodino Museum-panorama in Moscow. The peak of the portrait miniature painting in Russia fell on the time of Alexander I reign. One will be able to see 60 miniature portraits of the ruling Romanov family members. The 2nd part of the project "Known in the society..." is planned for November and will show the visitors the mini portraits of the most known officials and military people of the early 19th century.

Sergey Vinogradov - painted life"Sergey Vinogradov - painted life" - the first substantional exhibition of Sergey Vinogradov (1869-1938) works is held now in Museum of Russian Impressionism.b> 60 paintings from Moscow , Saint Petersburg and Baltics are on display. Segey Vinogradov works are diverse - landscapes, portraits, interiors, genre painting, graphic works.

Sergey Vinogradov - painted lifeHe was not only a talented artist but also due to his great efforts Russia got paintings of the best European artists of this time - Cezanne, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas. It was him who made the famous Morozov brothers (merchants, businessmen and later patrons of art) to get absorbed by the European new art and buy and bring the masterpieces in Russia. Those collections later formed the base of Russia's richest museums like Hermitage and Pushkin museum of Fine arts.

Kuskovo - music evenings in the estate's interiors

Also known as the Moscow Versailles, Kuskovo was owned by the Sheremetev family, and the estate comprises a beautiful collection, including the main wooden mansion (from 1770’s), a lake, formal gardens, a pond-side grotto, a Dutch house, an Italian villa, the Hermitage and the ceramics museum. It’s well worth a visit if you have some extra time in the city.

At the end of the 18th century Kuskovo was well known with its festivities, receptions and festivals. Various art and scientific collections were kept there, one of the best Russian serf theatre was also at Kuskovo. One of the greatest love story in Russian history was the one of the owner of the estate Nikolay Sheremetyev and the serf actress in his theatre Praskovya Zhemchugova who became one of the best actresses and singers of that time in the country. Although it was next to impossible in the then Russia for earl to marry a serf girl - the wedding anyway took place approved before by the Emperor Pavel I and Metropilitan Platon. The fate of the lady who finally got freedom was tragic as she died at the age of 34.
The members of royal family liked visiting Kuskovo. Russian Empresses Elizabeth Petrovna and Catherine the Great visited Kuskovo in the 18th century, The latter presented the diamond ring to the serf actress - so much Catherine was impressed by her talent. Emperor Alexander II visited Kuskovo in the 19th century. Until now a French park with cut trees, ponds, marble sculptures and various pavilions is well preserved. A palace built from wood in the style of Classicism is wonderful with its original decoration of the interiors, paintings, furniture, items of decorative and applied art made by Russian and West European masters.
To continue the traditions of the estate now the concerts are arranged in the interiors of the palace during summer and begginning of the autumn. International festival "Sheremetyev seasons" is held every year. The closest coming concert is scheduled for Sept 19 - "Far shores rythms" - saxophone, harp, organ.