Travel Russia News October 2020

We are pleased to announce that Russia introduces electronic visas for 52 countries from January 2021! The visa will be valid for the whole territory of the country and period of stay is 16 days! Please find more information on

In 2020 one of the oldest towns Yeroslav celebrates its 1010th anniversary and not far from the town - one of the most beautiful villages of the country - please find more below.

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Moscow digest

Rythmic Gymnastics PalaceWe are pleased to say that opened in 2019 in Moscow Irina Viner-Usmanova Rythmic Gymnastics Palace has recently won the prestigious international MIPIM award in "Best Cultural and Sport facility" category, leaving behind Chinese Guardian Art Centre and UK Tottenham Hottspur Stadium.b> The 2,500 sq m sport facility was constructed with help of unique technology of informative modulation. The roof is designed in the form of the gymnastics ribbon.

Rythmic Gymnastics PalaceThe centre comprises sport halls, Rythmyc gymnastics academy. The main hall can room up to 4000 guests. The ceiling has 900 lamps which create the illusion of the star sky. Irina Viber-Usmanova is an oustanding coach of Russian rythmic gymnastics team and has brought this sport to a completely new level on international scale and opened new era in would rythmic gymnastics.

North River TerminalNorth River Terminal originated in 1937 has marked its 2nd birth recently after long-term reconstruction. 400 architects-restorers made an input to bring the building to its former glory. The terminal is part of the Moscow -Volga rivers canal that makes Moscow a port of 5 seas. The impressive 75 m high tower including 27 m spire mounted by the star is seen from the distance.

North River TerminalThe building was originally designed in "stalin ampir" style as most of the monumental constructions of the epoch. The interiors of the terminal has been reconstrcuted - mosaic pannos, different decorative elements have been brought to life with every small detail. 17 piers have also been restored - from them cruise ships for 1-2 day trips as well as very popular with our guests several day Moscow- St Petersburg cruise ships depart.

Originated in 1010 Yaroslavl celebrates in 2020 its 1010th anniversary

We can't miss such interesting dates and figures! One of the Golden ring citiies Yaroslavl this year celebrates its 1010th anniversary. The city was founded in 1010. Yaroslavl is the oldest of all the currently existing towns on the Volga andl was founded by a prince of Kievan Rus Yaroslav the Wise and during the period of his ruling the Principality of Rostov (988—1010) when he stepped ashore for the first time near the area now known as 'Strelka', a favourite contemporary park. On this spot which was well protected from attack by the high, steep banks of the Volga, Kotorosl and Medveditsa Rivers, Yaroslav and his men began to set about building the first Yaroslavl Kremlin. The name of the city is traditionally linked to that of its founder: Yaroslav.

One of well-recognized architectural monuments is the Church of Elijah the Prophet built in 1650. Interesting that the cathedral has retained all original interiors (17th century frecoses, icons) in full till present day. Another well-known building in the city is the Transfiguration cathedral of St Saviour Monastery. This monastery was originally founded in the 12th century. Typical for a Russian monastery of the Middle Ages, it was built not only as place of worship, but also as a citadel in case of war. This is still visible today as the monastery is surrounded by a thick 16th century, white-painted wall, complete with watchtowers and embattlements.
Yaroslavl is also a place of the first Russian drama theatre originated in 1750 by merchant's son - Fydor Volkov. By the end of the 19th century the theatre became the best thetare in Russia! Today the theatre is named after Fyodor Volkov and since 2019 has been in the Russian list of best cultural heritage objects.

It is worth spending here 1 or 2 days. There is quite a number of good hotel options to stay including Ring Premier, Royal Hotel Spa and Wellness, Park Inn by Radisson Yaroslavl, Hotel Baccara, Boutique hotel Ivan Vasilyevich

Vyatskoye - the most beautiful village of Russia

The Vyatskoy village is located in one of the most ecologically clean and historically importanst part Yaroslavl region - 30 km from Yaroslvl city. The region is famous for its picturesque landscapes, variety of rivers and lakes (the latter count for 38) as well as mild climate.
The village is a unique architectural complex of 18-19th centuries with 50 objects of architecture survived till present time that once used to be merchant and peasant houses, chaynaya (tea house), traktirs (cafe in old Russia), houses for homeless people. The 18th century scheme/plan of the village has been presented till today. At present the 30 objects of cultural heritage are restored. Thus Vyatskoye now respresents historical-cultural complex with 10 museums, 3 hotels, restaurant and all infrastructure inviting thousands of guests every year. One sinks into the atmosphere of the ofd Russia here and learns the traditions and customs of the local people.
This is the place where the local traditions are reborn and variety of festivals are held every year including Harvest day, kids festivals, literary festival devoted to Nekrasov (russian poet), opera festival "Province - soul of Russia" and many other,.From 2015 Vyatskoye has been a member of "Most beautiful villages " association of Russia .