Travel Russia News December 2020

Festive season is coming and we all hope 2021 will bring us long-awaited trips and travellers and the borders will be gradually be opening. Please find some news from Russia that was recongnized as World' leading Cultural Destination!

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"And the Oscar Goes to" - great news from Russia

MoscowWorld Travel Awards ("Oscar" in travel industry) – the global initiative to recognize and reward excellence in travel and tourism – has announced the winners of its 2020 programmes and we are very happy to say that Moscow is recognized as World's Leading City Destination leaving behind Paris, London, New York (that happens for the 2nd time alrteady!) - and Russia is recognized as World's Leading Cultural Destination!
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on Red Square The city of Moscow has started the transfiguration into winter fairy tale with all preparation to New Year/Christmas holidays. Lots of decorations in the streets, parks. First skating rinks have been opened already including the main one - on Red Square - and in VDNKH park. The latter is the biggest in Russia (20,000 sq m) and can room up to 4500 guests - now of course the visitors' numbers are much limited and the tickets are sold on line only. With all restrictions in bars/restaurants this year the parks and squares of the city are very popular with Moscovites to spend free time in.

Moscow The project of building high speed railway roads is being worked out by the government. It will enable to provide fast connection between Moscow and different cities of Russia - Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod. The train will depart from a special station that was opened recently in Moscow. The Sapsan trip from Moscow to St Petersburg now takes 4 hours. In future such a trip by the new high speed road will take 2 hours only! The start of the new railway roads functioning is scheduled for 2024-2026.

Collection of themed tours

Themed tours
We would like to remind you that we have a collection of themed programs in case any of your guests or groups are interested in such and have wealth of experience in handling such programs. These can be Music, Ballet lovers tours, Garden tours, Archeology, Architecture or Modern art tours, Women groups, Gourmet, Family travel, Medical groups and a lot more! Please find more information on

Ballet tour
We would like to present some of them - Ballet tour. Apart from the main sights of Moscow and Saint Petersburg the highlights are: backstage tours of Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, meeting with modern Russian ballerina, Galina Ulanova (outstanding Soviet/Russian ballet dancer of the 1st half of XXth century ) museum-apartment visit, Children Ballet Theatre visit with private performance.

Contemporary Art program will focus on visiting not only main museums and galleries but also different modern art places - Winzavod (Modern art centre), Fabrika (Creative industries centre), the famous Garage museum as well as visit to apartment of modern artist in Moscow.