Travel Russia News August 2021

From end of July Russia has resumed flights with Czech republic and France thus the total number of the countries with air connection is 50 now. We all hope that with high tempo of vaccination the situation in our country and in the world will be changing to the better.

Helen Isaeva

"Tradition" festival in Zakharovo (Pushkin childhood place), new hotels in Moscow

In spite of the general crisis in travel industry Moscow shows good tempo in new hotels construction - 14 have appeared recently. Hampton by Hilton Rogozhsky Val hotel located in historic part of the city within 10 min drive to Kremlin and has 147 rooms in 4 categories, convinient lobby with co-working space, gym.
New 4* boutique hotel "B.60" opened recently in historic centre of Moscow close to Belorusski railway station from which the express train can take you to SVO airport in 40 minutes. The hotel is designed by well known Front Architeture bureau. The hotel has 44 rooms in "contemporary" style. The hotel is managed by Four Elements Hospitality posessing 3 hotels in Ekaterinburg, Perm and Kirov. The brand combines the traditions of Russian hospitality and the high standards of European management.

Literary-music festival "Tradition" will be held for the 6th time in estate Zakharovo in Moscow countryside on Aug 21. The place is connected with the name of Russian poet Pushkin who spent his childhood here. This is an open-air family festival with unique atmosphere uniting different ganres and trends of art - literature, poetry, music, philisophy. 20 different events will be held on the site.

Special interest programs in Russia

On August 22 Russia traditionally celebrates the Day of Russian flag which is now - white blue red. The history of it is very interesting and goes back to the 17th century. The first white-blue-red flag was designed by Dutch masters building the ships in Russia during the reign of Tzar Alexey Mikhaylovich (father of Peter the Great). It was Peter who raised the 3 colour flag on "Saint Peter" ship in 1693 in Archangelsk. This flag was recongnized as Russian flag by European countries till 1858 when a different (black-yellow-white) one was adopted. The latter coincided by colours with coat-of-arms of the country.

However later in 1883 Alexander III brought back the white-blue-red as national flag that existed till February 1917. After October coup the bolsheviks introduced red flag with hammer and sickle as symbol of new power of peasants and workers' victory.

In the newest Russian history after the victory of democratic forces headed by Boris Yeltsin and collapse of communism on Aug 22, 1991 the 3 colour flag (white-blue-red) was again declared as official flag of the country - 30 years ago. And it is as such now.