Moscow & St. Petersburg +Tallin & Helsinki, July 2019

“Dear Helen,
Please see below the lovely feedback from Travel Tree’s clients who recently travelled with you. Thank you for your efforts with this family!

“For the Russian portion, the hotels and guides were great. I’m glad we didn’t pack the days with too much to see, as the kids wouldn’t have handled it. It was a very adult orientated trip, but we were lucky to have playgrounds near both hotels, which helped a lot, and they were close to good restaurants, sites and transport for when we did our own thing. They were very comfortable too, and quite nice. Our guides, in particular Nadia in Moscow, and our first guide in St Petersburg, Maria, were absolutely great – really engaging, very knowledgeable and were good with keeping the pace fast for the kids (they do pretty well, but the wheels fall off the wagon when lingering too long in museums and palaces where they have to be quiet and not touch things). Maria also made mention of the fact that the driver (Edward) we had in St Petersburg was excellent (apparently some can be a bit bossy but ours was great, and provided a pram too, as we forgot ours in the rush to leave), which may be worth passing on.

Our hotel locations in Helsinki and Tallinn were great as well, and both were comfortable. The Helsinki one was the only one where we had to actually share a room with the kids for the whole trip, and the family room at the Hotel Palace had a Lego toy box and was perfect for the kids. We enjoyed having that part of the trip at our leisure after the full on ‘touristing’ in Russia. Overall we really enjoyed our trip, and we’re happy with what the tour agency organised for us sites, guides and accommodation wise. I really enjoyed Tallinn too, it is a beautiful city. It is definitely worth making a side trip to if you’re in the general area!!

Also, in the end we were fine with not upgrading for the trains and ferry as well, as we had table seats booked so the four of us were all together in one group, and on the train to Helsinki, we were in the car that had a little play area for kids!! The ferry was fine too, as it’s a massive boat with full on shopping stores for duty free, bars, a live band and even a burger king and food court. We found comfy seating ok, and I think would’ve missed some of the fun if we were whisked to first class.
Thank you! Harvey Family